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What kind of hair clippers are most popular with barbers?

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In contrast to the tradition of seeking the help of a professional barber, people are now increasingly keen to master the art of cutting their hair to create a unique style. Whether you're looking to fix a popular cut or try a new style, you can always improve at home. Choosing a professional haircutter not only brings a new haircutting experience but also saves your time and money on haircuts. To help consumers choose the best hair clipper, we asked professional barbers for their opinions on the best hair cutting machine for every situation before recommending some high-quality hair shavers for all kinds of trims and cuts.


Whether your goal is to achieve a simple fade or change your hairstyle, you need to have professional barber tools on hand before you start, says Julian Howard, head barber at New York Hair Salon. "Choosing a barber requires some skill, and first you need to know the characteristics of your hair." Howard says, "Men with coarse, unruly or curly hair need more strength and power than men with straight or fine hair." This means that for men, an electric hair clipper with a lot of power is more appropriate. DingLing designed the Professional Hair Clipper with a powerful motor and 4 different cutting lengths, which can meet the need to cut hard hair.


4-2- electric hair clipper

Raquel Fajardo, regional barber manager at Fellow Barber in Los Angeles, advises consumers to understand the difference between mens hair clippers before choosing one. The two most common types of barbers are corded electric barbers and cordless clippers, the main difference between these two types of barbers is whether or not they have a power cord. Because they are equipped with a power cord, corded hair clippers can be used continuously without ever losing power. This type of hair clipper is the choice of many barbers because they need more time to style their hair. If you just want to simply trim chopped hair at home, cordless haircuts give you more freedom of movement. the Professional Hair Clipper designed by DingLing can stay in use for 210 minutes after just 3 hours of charging, which is a good choice.


4-1-men’s hair clippers

Also, the weight of the hair clipper is very important, although this factor is often overlooked. More weight usually means more power. So while some people may prefer a lightweight option for ease of movement, weight is considered a sign of quality engineering and can even provide you with a more stable feel when cutting hair. But a barber that is too heavy is not conducive to being used when designing a release, as it can put excessive pressure on the hand to the point where it is difficult to be kept stable.


It is worth mentioning that DingLing designed hair clippers are very popular among barbers all over the world. Many professional barbers use them because they are comfortable to hold and have the quality of not being easily damaged.

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