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100+ Patents which we have registered
Certification System
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    Most of time, it is so hard to look for same appearance and function as DINGLING goods in market. DINGLING always pursuit the one and only.

    With young design team, they pursue new things and willing to change. New style models welcomed by many markets when they come out immediately.
In many cases a prototype is put together in the lab to find out if a technical idea lives up to its promises. Thanks to DINGLING experts, they methodically zero in on the best technical approach for a new product. Once this has been identified, we make sure that the device can be manufactured on a larger scale without compromising quality. 
Since 2005, DINGLING has registered more than 100 patents – unmistakable evidence of the company’s drive for innovation.
DINGLING Company traces its roots back to the 1981 when David Wei, who specialized in playing machine, decided to start his own business and build DINGLING Electric Appliances Co.


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