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Why do people like to use ceramic clipper blades?

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Beard shavers are as important to men as women's skin care products. Beard razors can keep men's faces clean, so the demand for beard cutting machine is gradually increasing. Most beard shaver suppliers produce beard shaver machines with steel blades, but a few razor manufacturers are now trying to produce razors with ceramic blades. Ceramic blades are also becoming more and more popular these days because ceramic blades have many advantages over steel blades. Below are some of the benefits of ceramic blades to explain why people prefer shaving with ceramic blades.


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The advantages of ceramic clipper blades


Ceramic blades stay cooler for longer

When shaving, users usually do not want the razor blades to get hot, however, steel blades will generate heat as the working time increases, because steel is a very good conductor of heat, so use steel blades After the heat is generated, the heat is transferred from the blade to the skin, which can make people's skin feel very uncomfortable when shaving, resulting in a poor shaving experience. Ceramics have poor thermal conductivity, so one need not worry about heat transfer to the skin when using a razor with ceramic blades, because ceramic blades generate about 75% less heat than steel blades.


Ceramic blades do not corrode easily

Metals will corrode over time, and steel is no exception. When people shave for a period of time with a electric beard shaver with a steel blade, the steel blade will corrode over time. Therefore, the steel blade will be discolored and the shaving effect will be affected to a certain extent. The ceramic blade will not be easily corroded, which means that if you soak the ceramic blade in water for several months, the ceramic blade will not be corroded, because it will not be oxidized.


Ceramic inserts cost less

Ceramic blades have a lower cost than steel blades, so ceramic blades have a lower price than steel blades, which seems more attractive.


Excellent hardness of ceramic blades

Ceramic materials are harder than steel, so ceramic blades are harder and more durable. According to the data, the edge retention time of ceramic blades is 5 times that of steel blades. Therefore, the edge retention time of ceramic blades is longer than that of steel blades.


Ceramic blades can provide a smoother cut

Due to the high hardness, low noise and strong corrosion resistance of ceramic blades, the surface can be kept clean and sharp even after long-term use. So ceramic blades tend to provide faster, smoother cuts than steel blades.


The appearance of the ceramic blade looks different

Ceramic blades have a white finish, which often gives your shaver a distinctive look. In addition, the ceramic blade is not only available in white, but other styles of black and gold blades can also be customized. This will make your trimmer shaving machine looks very different and more attractive.


In general, ceramic blades are gaining popularity because of their advantages over steel blades. Through the above introduction to the advantages of ceramic blades, I believe that you must also have a deeper understanding of shavers with ceramic heads. If you're looking for a high quality shaver, you might consider Dingling. Dingling is a professional shaver manufacturer with rich experience, the history can be traced back to 1981, Dingling is mainly engaged in personal care appliances products. Therefore, I believe that you will be able to find a suitable shaver at Dingling. For more information, welcome to inquire.

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