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Which is Better, Ceramic or Steel Clipper Blades?

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The blade is the key part for electric hair clippers. If the blade is good, the speed of electric clipper product will be fast, and the users have a good use experience. We know that usually there are two types of blades for electric clipper machine, one is ceramic blades, and another is steel clipper blades. Which one is better?

61-electric hair clippers

The difference of ceramic and steel blades

Traditionally, people are used to stainless steel blades. Maybe some people will ask whether the ceramic clipper blade is good. Generally pottery cutter heads are hard in texture, and have long service life and good sharpness, so they will not rust, and they are lighter in sound, better in maintenance, and more durable. But you should be careful not to drop them on the ground when use, otherwise they will break easily. But there are many advantages of steel cutter head. For example, they are anti-impact, and not easy to break even if they are dropped on the floor accidently. Therefore, both of them have advantages and disadvantages, you may choose according to your requirements and favorite.

How to choose the suitable clipper?

In fact, as an adult, you can use a good hair clipper to cut your own hairs at home if you like.  If you use it for your baby, you can choose a healthy and comfortable baby hair clipper suitable for babies. Haircutting at home is hygienic and safe, and this way can save money as well. Why not do it? Even mothers can also use their imagination to DIY a super cool hair style for their babies, so that the baby will be very fashionable when he is very young. Now let us take a look how to choose a suitable one.

1. Brand: Be sure to choose a big brand. The big brand is trustworthy. It is unquestionable. Small brands can easily get stuck in your baby’s hair, which is very dangerous if you use it for your baby.

2. Appearance: Select a hair clipper with good appearance and the bright color if you use it for your baby, it can make the baby love it. We know many babies don’t like to cut hairs, and they always hide their heads as soon as cutting hairs. Choose a beautiful hair clipper that they like, and they will love with haircuts. Mothers no longer need to worry about for their haircut.

3. Mute effect: The mute effect should be prominent if haircuts for babies. The sound is too loud, and it is easy to make the baby fear.

4. Waterproof function: The waterproof function should be strong, no matter it is used for adult or for baby. As mothers, you should consider that the baby will throw the hair clipper into the water. Even if the adult use it, they need to consider the cleaning work and the issue of hygiene after the haircut. It is very important to keep hair clipper clean. And the water-proof hair clipper can easily clean the hair and dandruff after finishing the haircut.

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