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Whether The Electric Shaver Is Comfortable To Shave

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Is the electric shaver comfortable to shave? We tested each shaver 72 times so that we can separate the electric head shavers.The electric shaver can cut you from that leaves stubbles. We used a group of 48 people; Some people use wet head shavers, others use electric shavers. They have different types of hair growth: half shave every day, and the other half grow their beard for three days between shavings. Each team member has a two-week adaptation period to familiarize themselves with different types of shavers before the test. Which of us will everyone enter? According to their shaving preferences, laboratory tests were conducted after one or three days. We gave them two different electric shavers and removed the brand. Everyone shaved half his face with a shaver and the other half with a second shaver given to him. We ensure that each man uses the same number of shavers and the same number of shavers on the left and right sides of his face. Our laboratory experts assessed whether the skin was red, inflamed and hair lost, and each experimenter completed a detailed questionnaire asking them to rate how close and comfortable shaving felt and how easy the shaver was to use.


46.1 electric head shaver

How long can the battery last? Manyof them are cordless hair shavers and cordless beard shavers, which are good when you go out, but it's not so good if you have to charge your shaver. To find out how long each shaver can last between charging, we fully charge each shaver and calculate how many times they can complete a 5-minute shaver before the battery runs out. The good news is that almost all theshavers we've seen can shave your beard at least nine times, so if you want to dry in the sun for a week, you don't need to bring a charger. The best can last more than four weeks. Some hair shavers for men have a fast-charging function and are designed to store enough power for the self hair shaver after five minutes of charging. However, before we verify, we never believe anything, so we will test each personal head shaver to ensure that a quick charge of 5 minutes can make you shave for at least 5 minutes.


46.3 cordless beard shavers

How easy is it to use and clean an electric shaver for a haircut? For most of us, shaving is a daily ritual, not particularly pleasant. To help you minimize the time and energy you spend on the electric shaver every day, we tested the use and cleaning convenience of the electric shaver. It is most suitable to put it comfortably on your hand without excessive vibration. Just wash it under the faucet. Our user panel also provides a subjective assessment of the sound of each electric head shavers- the worst sound is enough to wake your partner in the next room, which can be very annoying if you shave late at night or early in the morning. We found in our electric shaver that we recommend you not to buy the head shaver you avoid.


How durable is it? If you're still half asleep, it's natural that you'll look a little clumsy, so we need to make sure your shaver can withstand this strange accident. We throw them from a height of 80cm onto a hard surface. If we suffer any serious injury, we will deduct points. In addition, if there is a pop-up trimmer, we will pop it up 1000 times to ensure that it works when you need it.

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