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What is the Best Travel Electric Shaver?

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many people choose to travel on holidays. For men, small electric shaver is an indispensable necessity to keep them tidy in travel. Then what is the best travel electric shaver?

travel electric shaver

We know that small electric razor uses the micro-motor to drive the inner blade to move by electric energy, and uses the principle of shearing to cut the beard extending into the hole.  The power sources used include dry batteries, accumulators, and AC charging. According to the action characteristics of the inner blade, electric shavers can be divided into two types, which are rotary-type electric razor and reciprocating-type electric razor.

Generally speaking, choosing the suitable electric shaver starts from personal habits. The reciprocating cutter head reciprocates left and right through the cutter head to shave the beard. Because the cutter head continuously accelerates and decelerates in the reciprocating motion, the vibration and noise are large during use, but the reticular membrane can be very thin and the shave effect is also thorough. If you don’t like the “squeaking” noise from the razor when you are shaving, then you may choose a rotary cutter head. It makes the shave clean, and does not cause discomfort due to the pulling of the beard. The key is that the operation is quiet and vibration-free, and the shave is more comfortable. Of course, in addition to the shaving function, various functional indicators can also be chosen from personal habits.

For example, men who travel frequently had better to choose a dry battery type, or a hybrid charging and plug-in type, or a machine with long-lasting battery, so that they don’t have to feel embarrassed by the lack of electricity in the middle of shaving. Men who are used to shaving at home can choose rechargeable electric razors include plug-and-play razors. For men who like to shave while taking a bath, they should choose a razor that has waterproof function, and it is best to choose a razor with a non-slip design on the handle. Men who carry around should choose a razor with a compact body and a carrying case. In addition, whether the shaver has functions such as floating head and veneer adjustment should also be paid attention to when choosing. Of course, for men who like travel, they should choose a razor with a compact body, which is easy to carry in travel.

At present, there are many models and many options on market. Except personal habits, a best travel shaver should be a good brand, which can ensure the quality and service life of product. Usually a good brand shaver is popular with the public. When you choose a shaver for travel, it must be comfortable when in use. And some brands emphasizing youthfulness specially design youthful type products for young people aged 19 to 25. It gets rid of the previous impression that the electric shaver is a mature and stable product for men. Of course, it also expands the consumer group of electric shavers.

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