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What are the differences of hair clippers and trimmers?

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In today's world, hair styling has become a part of fashion. There are many hairstyles that are popular among young people today. Hair clippers and trimmers are popular hairdressing equipment today, which can facilitate people to cut and style their hair in the comfort of their homes. These devices have many benefits, which will be described in detail below.


89. high quality hair clipper

Hair clipper


Hair clippers are divided into manual hair clippers and electric hair clippers. Manual hair clippers are also called mechanical hair clippers. They have a history of more than 100 years and have been eliminated by the market. Electric hair clippers are divided into plug-in type and battery type, which are used for trimming and finishing hair and beards. It is convenient and simple to use. Now it is an essential household care appliance.




Trimmers are similar to scissors because they are also designed with blades and motors. However, the blade on the trimmer is thinner, which makes it more suitable for cutting short hair. Whether you want to shave or trim your beard, the electric hair trimmer is a great choice for a tighter cut. Another advantage of using a hair cutting trimmer is that it will have a hypoallergenic blade, which is helpful if you have sensitive skin.


The difference between hair clipper and trimmer


Although both are used to cut hair, there are differences. The professional hair clipper can be used for various hairstyles such as long hair and short hair, while the trimmer is basically used for trimming short hair. Relatively speaking, the application of hair clippers is more extensive. The application of the hair trimmer machine is relatively narrow. In daily care, we can use a high quality hair clipper to do a whole hairstyle, and then use a hair cutting trimmer machine to trim short hair and details on the edges. But the trimmer also has advantages. It can trim the beard and deal with short hair that the hair clipper cannot handle.


89. hair clipper and trimmer

Precautions for daily use of hair clippers and trimmers


1. If you are using a baby hair clipper, you need to check the integrity of the blade of the baby hair clipper. If the blade is damaged, it may cut the skin;

2. If you use the electric hair cutting machine for too long, the main body and the blade may get hot. At this time, it is recommended that you shut down for 5 to 10 minutes to prevent the baby from being uncomfortable due to overheating;

3. Remember to disconnect the power after each use;

4. Dry hair is easier to trim than wet hair. Try to keep your hair dry during haircut;

5. Do not put the baby hair clipper in the water or trim the hair that is too moist, otherwise it is easy to cause circuit failure;

6. After failure, it is strictly prohibited to disassemble, repair or modify the hair clipper without permission;

7. When trimming sideburns, ears and other parts, don't use too much force and don't get too close to the skin

8. Baby hair clippers are specially designed for babies' haircuts. Do not use them to repair pets' hair;

9. Remember to clean the hair on the electric hair cutter after disconnecting the power

10. Put the baby hair clipper in a place where infants and young children are not easy to reach


In general, whether it is a hair clipper or a trimmer, there are many benefits and features, but it all depends on your needs when you choose. If you are confused about the choice of hair clippers and trimmers, please don't miss this article.

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