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What are the differences between electric shaving and traditional shaving?

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Shaver is an essential tool for men’s facial cleaning. Many people don’t know how to choose between traditional shavers and electric shavers. Next, this article will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of electric and traditional shavers in detail to help people better choose the right beard trimmer shaver.

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The advantages of electric shavers

Support dry and wet shaving

The electric shaver supports dry and wet shaving. Dry shaving is fast and comfortable. Most electric shavers are waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry that you can’t use electric beard shavers in the bathroom.

Convenient and fast

One of the advantages of electric shavers is the quick speed. This means that you don’t need too long preparation. You just need to pick up the electric shaver to shave directly, and then you can simply clean and charge the electric shaver for next use. Most electric shavers can be easily cleaned by washing under the tap. This type of beard shaver can also shave more conveniently on the journey because it does not need too many preparation tools.

Safe and comfortable

Electric shavers generally do not scratch your face, which means that electric shavers will provide you with more comfort and stimulation and reduce the risk of scratching. Traditional shaving requires you to use a sharp blade, which may cause some risk of scratches on your face. So electric shaving is a safer option.

The disadvantages of electric shavers

An electric razor may not be as close to your beard as a blade

Because the sharp shaver blade can fit the root of your beard, and the electric shavers may not be as close to your beard as traditional shaving. This means that sometimes your shaving may not reach the tightness of traditional shaving.

Need to practice and master the skills again and again

When people use electric shavers for the first time, they may not be able to control the shaving results of electric shavers. People need to practice repeatedly to make the skin adapt to it, and your ability of shaving will become better, and then achieve satisfactory shaving results.

The advantages of traditional shaving

Better access to the beard

No matter how complete the functions of the electric shaver you use, the traditional shaving blade is almost always closer to the skin than the electric beard razor. Traditional shaving can often be used for better shaving compactness and better shaving effect.

Lower cost

The cost of traditional shaving is often lower than that of electric shaving. Traditional shaving often means replacing the blade. The blade is sharp and cheap, and can also have a good shaving effect. The cost of some electric shavers with many function options is relatively high, and the maintenance cost is also higher. So the cost traditional shaving is often lower.

The disadvantages of traditional shaving

Many preparations before use

One of the disadvantages of traditional shaving is that it is very time-consuming. Before shaving, people need to do a lot of preparation work and use some preparation tools, and these tools also need to be carefully cleaned and maintained. This means that if you want to travel, traditional shaving requires you to carry a lot of preparation tools, which is not a convenient choice.

Traditional shaving may cause facial scratches

Because the traditional shaver usually use sharp blade, then sometimes the shaver for sensitive skin may be scratches accidentally.

The above is about the advantages and disadvantages of electric shaving and traditional shaving. Therefore, when you choose the shaving method, you can consider the advantages and disadvantages of these two shaving methods and choose the most suitable and good shaver for beard. In addition, if you are interested buy a professional electric shaver, you can consider consult Dingling, which provides various wet and dry beard trimmer and high quality electric beard trimmers for choosing.

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