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What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric shavers?

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Electric shavers are very convenient for people, but electric beard shavers are not suitable for everyone. The following will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of electric shavers and manual shavers, so that you can choose the shaving tools suitable for you.

91. electric shavers

Advantages of manual shavers

  • It feels good, especially the smoothness of bubbles.

  • Cleaner than electric beard shaver machines

  • Easy to clean

  • No noise

  • Small size, easy to carry, do not need to worry about running out of electricity and can not be used.

  • It can be used for a long time, and only need to replace the blade in the middle.

Disadvantages of manual shavers

  • Basically, only wet shaving, and preferably after the bubble wet hanging effect is better. The requirements for the environment are a little high.

  • Unsafe, easy to scratch the skin.

  • If compared with the electric beard shaver set, if you want to shave almost clean, it is not convenient for the automatic electric shaver.

  • If it is wet scraped, it must be dried every time before it can be put away. It is a little troublesome and takes up space.

  • If it's just smooth shaving, it's not clean without an automatic shaver.

Advantages of electric shavers

  • Dry or wet scraping is possible, dry scraping is fast and comfortable.

  • If you don't need to scrape particularly clean, just a quick sweep is enough, and the speed is fast.

  • Safe, generally won't scratch your face, and you can shave it when you get acne on your face.

  • General shaver are equipped with long beard trimmers, and long beards can be trimmed.

  • After scraping, you don't need to dry it, you can put it away directly.

Disadvantages of electric shavers

  • It needs to be charged, and sometimes it will be embarrassing that there is no battery when it is half of the scraping, but now it is a bit of being able to work while charging.

  • There is noise, and some people who are sensitive to sound may feel uncomfortable.

  • There is constant noise in the reciprocating type, and there are uncomfortable vibrations, and it feels like an electric shock. Goose bumps all over the body.

  • The price may be higher than the manual one, and according to the battery life, there is no manual long-term use.

91. manual shavers

The comparison with electric shavers and manual shavers

The advantage of manual shaver over electric shaver is that it can shave very clean, but the premise is that it needs to be skilled and there is a risk of shaving. The electric razor is much higher in safety and comfort. In addition to shaving clean enough, safety and comfort are also important. We know that although manual shaving is clean, it is easy to scratch and scratch due to the exposed blade, and it often hurts. If it is not handled properly, it may cause wound infection. Relatively speaking, the comfort and safety are not good. One of the advantages of the electric shaver is that the design of the cutter head is more complex and safe. Through the reciprocating shaving principle, the floating cutter head and the ultra-thin cutter net, the beard is embedded into the mesh for shaving operation, which is not easy to scratch the skin in the shaving process. In addition, the efficiency of the electric shaver is much higher than that of the manual shaver. The manual shaver can't use too much force and pursue too much speed because of the shaving principle, so as to avoid the problem of scratch, so it needs to go back and forth several times to scrape it clean. In addition, the preparation and cleaning of manual shaving are relatively complex, and the overall shaving efficiency is not very high.

To sum up, by introducing the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of razors, I think you should know how to choose them. If you want to buy beard shaver   and a top electric beard shavers, Dingling will be a good choice, which is a professional manufacturer of waterproof hair clippers, hair cutting trimmer, hair shaver kit, beard grooming kit and is an ideal choice.

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