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What are the Essential Tools for Hair Cutting?

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Haircut can be said to be a common thing in daily life. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, haircut is not only about cutting the hair shorter, but also making it look more handsome or more beautiful. So there are more and more haircut tools appeared. So what are the essential tools for hair cutting?

Hairdressing tools are essential tools when people cut their hairs. And electric hair clippers and ordinary hair clippers are commonly used in many hair shops. In fact, there are other hair cutting tools including thinning hair clippers, electric hair shavers, hair dryers, various combs, and apron etc. and even there are curlers, electric splints and large clamps and so on. Of course, the necessary tools for household use are the commonly used tools.

58-electric hair clippers

1. Scissors

Scissors are indispensable for haircuts. There are many scissors in modern haircuts, such as thinning hair shears, ordinary hair shears, and powered hair clippers. Thinning hair shears are hair clippers that are manually used to thin the hair. We know that many people have thicker hairs, and ordinary shears do not thin them much, so thinning shears are produced. And ordinary shear is the most commonly used for cutting hair. Electric clippers for men can increase the efficiency of haircuts and cut hair quickly, which is often used to cut a handsome flat head for men, and they are mostly used in men's haircuts.

2. Hot-dyeing tools

Many people think that the curls of people in Europe and the United States are beautiful, so they want to imitate others to curl their hairs. The tools include curling irons, tin foil, hairpins, hair spray, baking oil, and perm dyeing equipment. Every time you go to the barbershop, you can see that round cover is for ironing and dyeing. Of course, if some people are not satisfied with the natural curls, they can straighten their hairs by an electric splint tool

3. Auxiliary tools

What are the auxiliary tools? The comb is essential tool to avoid cutting mistakes. Other auxiliary tools include hair dryers that quickly dry hair, haircutting apron that can prevent hair debris from getting on the clothes, razors for some consumers who want to choose additional services to shave their beards, other less used tools such as color plates, tinting cups, bleaching powder, washing powder etc.

Hair clipper parts

For a hair clipper, blade is the basic part. Usually it is made of high-carbon steel and can cut hair quickly by power. It is composed of multiple teeth, so that it can cut huge amount hairs.

Motor is an important part for the electric hair clipper, which is located in its housing. Usually, there are three types which are magnetic, pivot and rotary motors. Among them, rotary motors can provide the most powerful performance.

Housing is the indispensible part for the electric hair razors. There are plastic housing and metal housing such as aluminum housing. Of course, metal housing is better than plastic one in terms of appearance and performance.

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