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What are the Difference between Corded and Cordless Beard Trimmer?

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In daily life, electric beard trimmer is a common trimming tool for men, which can help men to keep tidy of appearance and good image. So, it is an indispensible hairdressing tool for most of men. Generally electric hair trimmer are divided into two types, one is corded type and the other is cordless type. What re the difference between corded and cordless beard trimmer?

Types of electric trimmers

Electric hair trimmers are generally composed of a fixed push tooth, a movable push tooth, an adjustment handle, a shell, and electrical components installed in the shell. When in use, it must be powered by electricity, mostly alternating current.

60-good electric trimmer,

Corded type

Corded beard trimmer is also called plug-in beard trimmer. Seen from the name, we can know that it has a cord that can plug in to get the power. So, this kind of type has good use experience and is easy to operate since its power is large and the blade strength is strong as well. You don’t worry about the battery problem, only that there is electric.  Corded hair trimmer is very suitable for men to use at home. The important thing is that you don’t need to spend time to maintain batteries regularly.

Cordless type

Cordless hair trimmer is also called rechargeable hair trimmer. It is easy to operate at anywhere since there is no cord limited. So, it is relatively flexible in operation. But this kind of type has small power, and the strength of the blade is also small, because the capacity of batteries is limited. Once the power is used up, you have to recharge it before using again. So, sometimes it will bring some embarrasses for men when the beards are trimmed half. And you need to maintain the battery regularly in order to get good use experience. Of course, it is portable and small, you can take it with you when you travel or go out.

How to choose the suitable electric trimmers?

1. Listen to the sound.

The sound of a good electric trimmer is relatively low, and it does not irritate the skin when using. If the sound is noisy, it is mostly a low-quality product, and you had better not to buy it.

2. The weight.

Electric trimmers with lighter weight are more flexible and labor-saving. You may take the product in your hand and experience it. If it feels too heavy to hold and it is easy to shake, it is recommended that you do not buy it.

3. The power.

If the power of an electric trimmer is not high enough, it is not convenient to use, and the speed of hair cutting is not too fast. In theory, the greater the power of the electric trimmer is, the better the effect is. Of course, you may choose according to your needs, and there is no need to pursue too high power. What is more, for the convenience of future use and maintenance, you should choose products from manufacturers with normal brands and good quality.

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