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What Kind Of Shaver Should I Use?

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Dingling has a variety of hair shavers, suitable for a variety of facial and needs. What kind of shaver is the best? It depends on your preference. Check out this quick guide to choose the best electric shaver. How to choose the best hair shaver for you.

Do you like to shave wet or dry? Some people love to use theirshavers with water or shaving cream (or shaving foam or shaving gel). Although Val shavers can also shave dry faces very close, most Dingling shavers are multifunctional wet dry-head shavers.


44.2 hair shavers

What kind of shaver head do you like? Shavers with round or rotating heads are difficult to achieve linear cutting and may lead to unevenshaving. As a standard, the Dingling shaver has a long blade, which helps to provide a direct shaving and more effective head shaving razor. The arbor also shaves faster.


However, if you like the rotating head, you can get a rotating attachment for your Dingling shaver. So youcan still get the power of Dingling's shaver. Do you prefer a battery hair shaver or a rechargeable head shaver? some shavers need batteries or regular charging, which means they can die during shaving. Buy a powerful lithium-ion shaver, which can be used for months without charging even if it is often used.


When you need a quick shave, remember that many Dingling shavers only need a quick charge for 1 minute. Make sure the shaver is comfortable to hold and use. Get a comfortable and ergonomic design to make your hands comfortable. This not only makes it easier for the hair cutter to shave because the shaver will not feel uncomfortable to hold but also reduces the risk of falling and damaging the hair shaver device/machine. The design of Dingling shaver is suitable for your hand comfort. Wall's life-saving shaver is even safe to drop because of its impact-resistant housing. Of course, there are some shavers for use to choose from.


44.3 hair cutter

Electric shaver has a blade and motor, which can be foil type or rotary type. The foil electric hair shaver has a "foil" or thin metal sheet with holes in the blade. "The holes in the metal foil catch the hair, and the swinging blade passes through and cuts the hair," Ilyas said. "This makes shaving safe and fast, but not necessarily as close as a traditional razor."


It is worth noting that although these are considered less annoying, they can still be used. Not only the hair may be pulled into the metal foil, but also the skin will be pulled into the metal foil. The rotary electric hair shaver has three circular heads separated like triangles. Ilyas said: "the circular shield of each head captures the hair, and the internal rotating blade or hair cutter shaves the hair.". It is also a safe and fast shaving method, which can move quickly around the contour of the neck and chin, and the hair can be captured from multiple angles. Electric shavers are often favored by men who need to shave quickly. "They are not necessarily good at catching the fine hairs or peach hairs of hair growth," Ilyas said. "Rough, thick hair is ideal for these people because the hair blade may be trapped in the mechanism for cutting.

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