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What Are the Hair Clipper Accessories?

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For hairdressers or barbers, the parts and accessories of electric hair clippers are must-have necessaries. If you want to buy a hair clipper for yourself, you also need to understand hair clipper parts and their functions, so that you can use it at home conveniently. On market, there are many different kinds of brands and types for hair clippers accessories, such as clipper cutting lengths, taper lever, blade, attachment combs and so on. How to choose the suitable one? And what are the hair clipper accessories? In this article, we will talk about these parts in order to help you to understand them further before purchasing.


Some hair clippers have a built-in taper lever, which can adjust the length settings of the hair clipper blade and guide you how to cut hair lengths accurately. Through it, you may change the closeness of your cut, for example, when you move it up, you may cut shorter hair lengths. But when you move it down, you may get longer hair cut. It is a useful tool for you to quickly cut correct hair lengths, especially for the novice.  Usually you can find it on clippers designed to taper, blend, fade and bald.


Generally, hair cutting blade is the main part for hair cutting machine, which is connected to the head of the clipper. We know that the material of blade can be divided into high-carbon steel and ceramic. Usually good-quality stainless steel blade is familiar by people.  And you may see multiple teeth on blade that can cut hair in huge amount.

Blade guard

Seen from the name, you can know that it is an important accessory for protecting blade. The main role is to cover blades when it is not in use.

Cleaning brush

This is an accessory designed like a toothbrush for clean the blade of hair clippers, so that it can keep clean and hygiene. Usually there are many hair residues left on the blades after using every time, you can use it to clean to avoid the blade getting dirty or rust.

Attachment Combs

Attachment combs are also called as guide combs. If you buy the hair clipper kit, it will come with a number of guide combs with different lengths such as #0.5, #1, #1.5, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #12 etc. Usually it is attached to the blade to help to cut preferred haircut length. The length of these combs ranges from 1/16” – 1”. These combs with different lengths can help you to quickly cut hair accurately.

four limit combs -1

Lubricant oil

Lubricate oil is also an important accessory for a hair clipper. It can prolong the service life of hair clippers. It can be said that hair clipper oil is essential to keep the blades running normally and provide the best use experience and hair cutting effects.


It is one of the main parts for corded hair clippers. Usually it is connected with the end of the clipper to provide the power for clippers.

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