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The Different Types Of Electric Shavers

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What types of electric shavers are there?

Foil hair shaver, the head of the foil shaver is straight, and a swinging blade is used to cut hair under the finely perforated foil. Rotary hair clipper, this type of electric shaver usually has three circular heads, which rotate to lift and then cut the residue. There are many people are looking for the best rotary head shaver to use.


47.2 cordless hair shaver

Opinions differ on which type is best. Our laboratory tests found that the shaving effects of these two models are good and comfortable enough to win our best buy recommendation. Therefore, we think it is mainly a matter of personal preference. Go straight to our best electric hair shaver overview. Power rechargeable shaver can be used when plugged in or cordless. If you forget to charge the shaver before using it, the power option is very useful. Cordless shaversmost other shavers, including all "dry and wet" models, are rechargeable and must be cordless. This gives you more freedom to move while shaving, but it also means you can't use them when charging. The wet electric shaver is always cordless to ensure that you can't insert it in the shower. The power shaver is not rechargeable and needs to be plugged into work. Today, power-only models are often basic entry-level shavers.


What shaver functions should I pay attention to?

Some electric shavers come with a pop-up trimmer, which means you don't have to exchange gadgets to complete your beauty plan. You may need to pay a little more for one, but it will save you time in front of the mirror because you don't have to stop in the middle of your daily life and look around for a separate accessory. Beard comb if you want to keep your beard or other facial hair, you can find a shaver with comb accessories to help you maintain the perfect length of your goatee. Waterproof electric shavers and dry use, some cordless electric shavers can be used with gel or shaving foam. In theory, this will give you the best results in two ways - wet shaving and dry shaving. Some can even be taken into the bathroom - so you can kill two birds with one stone. But be sure to read the instructions before wetting yourshaver, because not all shavers are suitable for this use. Charging display some best cordless head shavers have a digital countdown display to show how many minutes you have to shave before you need to charge. Other shavers have green or red indicator lights or bars to show when the shaver is charged, fully charged, remaining power and whether the battery needs to be topped up. Fast charging many cordless shavers have a fast charging function, so you can plug in the power before taking a bath so that you can shave when you come out.


47.3 head shavers

How do I clean my shaver?

Most electric shavers need cleaning to remove hair and skin particles. You can do this manually by brushing your teeth or tapping stubble, but you will also find that many shavers can be cleaned under tap water. Before wetting your shavers, be sure to read the instructions, because not all shavers can be cleaned in this way. Automatic cleaning shavers some top shavers are equipped with cleaning stations, so they can clean themselves. Just insert the shaver into the basic unit and relax. This is an accessible way to keep the shaver clean and hairless - all you need to do is replace the cleaning cartridge from time to time. Supplements can be purchased online or at larger pharmacies. Usually, the cost of an ink cartridge is£ 4-8, and up to 30 cleaning cycles can be provided.

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