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The Difference Between Clippers, Trimmers, Shavers & Razors

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When we read about clipper, trimmer, shaver and razor, we may know that they are all used to trim beards, but when we see them in real life, it may be difficult for us to clearly tell the specific name of the shaving equipment. In this article, we will introduce these tools in detail.



78-hair and beard clipper

1.Hair Clipper

Facial hair clipper is used to cut longer hair, such as hair, which is far away from the skin when using it. The structure of the manual hair and beard clipper includes a pair of handles and a serrated structure with a blade at the front end, which can cut hair when put together. The front of the electric men’s beard clipper is also a serrated structure with blades, which mainly uses a motor to provide power to the blade for hair cutting. Generally speaking, facial clipper is mainly used to trim hair, but you can also use clipper to trim longer and thicker beards. For shorter beards, we recommend trimmer.



2.Hair Trimmer

Beard trimmer 's blades and teeth are sized for trimming shorter or finer hairs, such as those on the face and body. Shaving trimmer can be close to the skin, and its structure is specially designed to modify the details of the beard, face and body. In addition to simple beard trimming, facial hair trimmer can also perform detailed processing and trim sideburns.


In addition to the most basic toothed head, electric beard trimmer also has many accessories of different shapes and sizes. We can choose accessories that are convenient for trimming according to the scene we use.



78-Facial hair clipper


Beard shaver is an electric device, generally used to shave beards. Shaver is mainly divided into two types, including foil type and rotary type. If you want a shaver that can be used closely to the skin, you can choose a metal foil shaver. Rotating shaver is more suitable for people with longer and thicker facial hair. When using the shaver, you need to pay attention to whether the shaver is waterproof, and the waterproof level, so as to avoid threats to your safety caused by incorrect use.



4. Razor

Beard razor kit is generally manual and is usually used for shorter hair. For longer hair, you can use trimmer for quick trimming first, and then use razor for detailed trimming. Razor is usually used to shave the hair on the face and body. But unlike shaver, razor is not electric, you need to manually move the razor on the body and face to trim the hair. There are many styles of razor, in addition to different blade shapes and sizes, the number of blades can also be different. Also, because the blade will become dull with use, the blade needs to be replaced. In addition, razor usually needs to be used with shaving cream or gel, and must be used when the skin is moist, otherwise it will easily scratch the skin.

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