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The Comparison between Foil Shavers and Rotary Shavers

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Electric shaving has proved to be a time-saving and labor-saving method. It is more convenient, and the technology has improved since its early days. They say a quick shave is better than a perfect one. Whatever your priorities - whether it's shaving in the shower, handling body hair, or even removing your beard neckline, there's an electric shaver that can help you do the job.


50.1 hair cutter

If you have decided not to use the cartridge razor because it provides a variety of options, you may feel a little confused, which is forgivable. Considering the level of investment you may make, it's important to make the right decision - that's where we can help.


What are the options?


Perhaps the most basic decision you need to make is to choose a foil hair shaver or the best rotary head shaver. This is a hotly debated topic, but what's the difference? But what are the uses of foilshavers and rotaryshavers? Because they are electric, this means that the motor does most of the work for you. Through multiple blades and cutting actions, you can achieve tighter shaving, whether wet or dry.


What is a foil electric shaver? The head of the foil electric shaver is straight. Use the oscillating blade (also known as the cutter) to cut the hair under the "foil". Foil refers to a thin layer of metal covering the tool, with holes to form a specific grid pattern. The metal foil captures the hair with its holes, cuts the hair close to the skin, and provides a tight shaving effect.


What is a rotary electric shaver? The rotary electric shaver usually has three round heads, which is characterized by an internal rotary hair cutter for cutting residues captured by an external fixed shield. When you move the shavers in a circular motion, they are designed to follow the contour of your face. The hair falls into angled grooves and is cut off by small scissor blades. Circular motion makes it easier to operate in difficult parts such as the neck and chin.


How to choose between rotary shaver and foil shaver? Don't worry, we won't imply that it all depends on personal preferences. Depending on the thickness of your skin and hair, both methods have their advantages. There are some hair shavers which suit different kinds of hair. For the thick hair, there are the best shaver for thick hair. For the long hair, there are long hair clippers. For the beard, there are hair and beard shavers. After that, everything depends on how you use them. We also talked about this.


50.3 electric shaver

First, use appropriate technology. If you use a foilshaver, you should shave off the most sensitive parts first. The shaver will remain cool until the temperature of the shaver rises slightly. When shaving, shave straight - up and down or from left to right. Don't try to do circular motion. Only with a rotary shaver can you shave your skin round.


Set aside time for adjustment. Don't forget that shaving takes several weeks before your skin can get used to using an electric shaver. If you change from a rotary shaver to a metal foil shaver, the same is true, and vice versa.


Now that you know the difference and have a better idea of which one to choose, the best way is to make a choice and try it. After all, Dingling offers a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Try to see if you like its flexibility and convenience.Hope you can find the best hair shaver for yourself.

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