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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Shaving

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The best electric shavers will let you shave your beard in a short time and make your skin smooth and flawless. But electric head shavers can be very expensive, and not all shavers can make you shave so tightly or comfortably. In addition, there are many additional functions to choose from when buying the best electric hair shaver... In addition to deciding whether you like a foil hair shaver or rotary hair clipper, you should also consider whether you need a quick charging function, a beard comb, or a model that can be used in the shower. The following tips will help you decide whether you need an electric shaver and, if so, which type of hair shaver is best for your needs.


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric shaving?


There are the advantages of electric shaving. Speed in our recent consumer survey, 67% said that the use of electric shavers is faster than wetshavers, because you do not need water or gel, so you don't need to be in the bathroom (although many electric shavers can also wet shavers if you love). Electric shaving is not so messy. During holidays, you can carry shavers in your hand luggage. Some of them charge up to three weeks, which is enough for you to spend a holiday or business trip without stubble.


There are the disadvantages of electric shaving. Electric shavers can be expensive. Although you can buy an electric shaver for less than£30, a high-end shaver with additional functions may cost more than£300. The metal foil or metal head needs to be replaced every two years or so, which usually costs you£15-£40. Not as close as a shaver blade. Which one? Some users say that most of you still feel that the wet head shaver blade shaves closer than the electric shaver.


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Shaving different textures of hair. From scratches to shaver burns, shaving brings a series of problems that all men will face. But for blacks with coarser, curlier facial hair, shaving poses another thorny problem: the bulge of the shaver. Shaverbulges are formed when hair is cut close to the skin and curled because they are regrowing and growing inward. These inward growing hairs can cause painful lumps and irritation and can't shave for at least a few days. In the worst case, these inward growing hairs may be infected and eventually lead to scars. During wet shaving, the bulge on the shaver is often a bigger problem, because cutting hair on the horizontal surface of the skin to pursue a smooth surface will increase their development opportunities. Therefore, the electric shaver for men is an excellent alternative to wet shaving for black men, because the electric shaver will not cut the hair so close to the skin, thus reducing the possibility of inward growth and bulge of hair. When looking for a suitable hairstyle, black men with thick facial hair are usually recommended to use a hairstyle with a foil cutting mechanism. These facial hair shavers cut hair more straight than rotary shavers, which helps reduce the chance of hair growing inward. The cutting mechanism of the rotary shaver- twisting and lifting before cutting - causes the residue to curl slightly at the end. Curly hair ends to increase the likelihood of hair growing inward, which is not helpful if your facial hair has begun to curl.

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