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Simple and Effective Shaving Techniques

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From ancient times to modern times, men have tried many ways to trim their beards, and different styles of beard styles have been popular, from the cleanly shaved appearance to the popular goatee. But no matter what is popular, a clean shaved beard is always welcome. And the health of facial skin will be affected by the way of shaving. A clean shaved beard is not only refreshing and handsome, but also good for health. Shaving is an important part of any men's grooming procedure, and the beard trimmer is an important shaving tool. However, many people may have many questions, what is suitable for us to shave? What kind of shaving trimmer do we use? Should we choose a stainless-steel razor trimmer or an electric beard razor with multiple blades? In this article, we will answer these questions for you and introduce some simple and effective shaving techniques.


73-razor trimmer


In general, whether you shave yourself or go to a beauty salon regularly to take care of your facial bristles, here are some men’s shaving tips that can help you ensure a comfortable shave every time and minimize scratches and cuts.



1. Prepare the Skin

First of all, you need to prepare your skin. We recommend washing your face with warm water instead of using facial cleanser or soap. This will make your face, beard and other facial hair more convenient to shave. If your skin is relatively dry, you can choose to moisturize your skin before shaving. We recommend using pre-shave oil or lip balm.



2. Get Useful Beard Shaver

There are many kinds of shaving tools, in addition to traditional blade beard shaver, there are also electric beard shavers. We prefer electric beard razor. Electric shavers are classified into rotary and reciprocating types according to the blade action mode. The former has a simple structure, low noise, and moderate shaving power; the latter has a complex structure and high noise, but has a large shaving power and high sharpness. According to the type of prime mover, men's electric trimmer can be divided into three types, including DC permanent magnet motor type, AC/DC dual-purpose series motor type and electromagnetic vibration type. You can choose the most convenient and comfortable electric facial hair trimmer according to your preferences.



3. Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth

Some people think that by trimming their beard against the texture, they can get a more suitable shaving effect. Others think that their beard grows in only one direction, but these are actually wrong.


When shaving, you need to pay attention to always shaving in the direction of hair growth. Check the growth direction of your beard, because different parts of the face have different hair growth directions. If you are not sure, the safest thing is to move down and shave. This is one of the men's shaving techniques. Although it is easy to overlook, it is also very important.



4. The Suitable Water Temperature Is Important

We recommend using warm water for shaving, and adding shaving cream or gel to warm water for lathering. After shaving the beard with beard cutting machine, we recommend washing the face with warm water and then drying it with a warm towel.

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