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Methods to Shave Your Head

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Shaving your head can not only create a stylish image, but also reduce the trouble of many daily grooming, such as shampooing, hair care and styling. The bald styling is suitable for people who lose hair, but also for those who want to add highlights to their styling. The following articles will teach you how to shave your head, now let us take a look together.

55-good hair razor

Purchase the necessary tools.

If possible, try to buy high-quality shaving tools. High-quality tools can shave shorter and cause fewer scratches. After all, shampoo and conditioner can save some money for you after shaving your head. So prepare the appliances as following.

Electric hair clippers: Before using the electric hair razor, you may use a hair cutting machine to cut your hair to the shortest length. High-quality hair clippers can save a lot of time and make the small electric razor more efficient.

Razor: It is best to buy a good hair razor. If you are not careful, cheap hair razors may leave you many small wounds on head. Some companies will produce razors specifically for shaving the head.

Shaving cream or shaving oil: Adequately moisturizing the head is the key to a smooth shave. Of course, you can use a shaving cream or oil designed for the face or legs, but you must make sure it has the moisturizing effect.

Aftershave: You also can use a special aftershave lotion for the face or legs, or choose a professional aftershave lotion for shaving.

Find a friend to help or shave your head by yourself.

After preparing work is done, you may start shave your head. You may find a friend to help or you shave your head by yourself. Both methods have their pros and cons, so you should consider the following before planning to shave. Firstly, asking a friend for help can ensure that the back of the head or other places that you can't see are shaved clean. If you like the image of a bald head and want to keep it, it is unrealistic to ask a friend for help every time. The sooner you start to practice your own shaving, the better your shaving technique will be.

How to shave your head?

First step is that wet the head and apply shaving lubricant. When taking a bath, you may rinse your head with hot water for 1 to 2 minutes to help soften your hair and scalp. And then use shaving lubricant or lubricating oil and massage the whole head thoroughly. Keep the bottle handy so that you can use it again later.

Now shave your head from front to back evenly. And keep strength steady. Don't press too hard. Try to wash the hair off the blade with water as often as possible during the shaving. Let the electric razor machine smoothly push through the gully of the head to prevent you from hurting yourself. At the same time, you may use a small mirror to check the progress. So, using a professional hair shaver is very important.

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