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Is The Beard Trimmer Waterproof?

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Beard trimmer is a necessary beauty tool for every man. It can help men trim their beard. Some men shave before going out in the morning, while others like to shave in the shower. Therefore, whether the professional beard trimmer is waterproof becomes very important. 


Among the numerous electric beard trimmers on the market, some products are equipped with IPX7 waterproof protection, while others do not. If you like shaving in the shower, IPX7 beard trimmer will be your best choice, because IPX7 waterproof protection can effectively protect the electronic components inside the beard trimmer. 



20-2-durable beard trimmer

What Is Ipx7 Waterproof Protection?

IPX7 waterproof protection is a waterproof grade. At present, this technology is widely used in waterproof headphones, smart phones, smart watches and other electronic products. IPX7 cordless beard trimmer can be immersed in water with a depth of 1m for 30 minutes without damage. This means that you can throw the beard trimmer directly into the bathtub and it won't be damaged by water.



Benefits Of Waterproof Beard Trimmers

The waterproof beard trimmer not only allows users to shave during the shower, but also provides some other benefits. First of all, the waterproof beard trimmer is skin friendly. It will not cause rash and other skin diseases. This is because the blade surface of the beard trimmer is very smooth. When using the manual beard trimmer, the user needs to use shaving cream first to avoid scratching the skin. The waterproof wireless beard trimmer will not scratch the skin because its blade is wrapped.


Most waterproof beard trimmers are small and light, which means they are easy to carry and take up very little space. In addition, the service life of these facial hair trimmers is very long, generally more than 2 years. 


20-1-male beard trimmer


How To Choose The Most Suitable Beard Trimmer?

Before buying an advanced beard trimmer, you must check whether it has IPX7 waterproof protection. If not, you can't use it for shaving in the shower. If you choose a cordless portable beard trimmer, the battery is an important factor to consider. If the battery is of good quality, the beard trimmer can last longer. In addition, you need to check how long it takes to fully charge the battery. 


Although some wired beard trimmers also have good waterproof function, these products need to be connected to the socket to work normally. Therefore, the portability of this product is poor. In addition, shaving in the shower with a wired beard trimmer is also a dangerous thing. 


Some battery beard trimmers are also equipped with different accessories to remove body hair in different parts, such as hair, beard, armpit hair, etc. Multifunctional beard trimmers with these accessories are often more expensive, so you need to determine which product is best for you according to your needs. 


To sum up, the waterproof beard trimmer can make shaving more convenient and easy. This product has many advantages. It can make your skin look smoother. In addition, the waterproof beard trimmer is also very convenient for cleaning. You only need to wash it with water. 

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