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Is It Good To Share Your Beard Trimmer With Others?

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Some people think that sharing a beard trimmer with others is a very common thing and will not have any impact on their health. But in fact, most people don't share a cordless beard trimmer with others. Beard trimmer is a personal product. If you use someone else's beard trimmer, it may lead to skin infection or other short-term skin problems.


32-2-professional beard trimmer


Why Is It A Bad Idea To Share Beard Trimmers?

In short, some dirt, grease and dead skin will adhere to our beard. These wastes are breeding grounds for bacteria. If the beard is not cleaned for a long time, a large number of bacteria will breed in the beard. When we use the electric beard trimmer to shave, these wastes and bacteria will be transferred to the inside of the waterproof beard trimmer. Therefore, if you share your beard trimmer with others, these bacteria may cause skin itching, inflammation and other symptoms.



What Needs To Be Done To Share Beard Trimmers?

Although we advise you not to share a beard trimmer with others, sometimes this is inevitable. If your beard trimmer just breaks down, you may have to use someone else's. In this case, you can take the following measures to protect your and others' health as much as possible.



Before cleaning the digital beard trimmer, you need to remove the blade, the head and the spacers. A large amount of beard, dust, dead skin and other substances will remain on these parts, so these parts must be cleaned. When disassembling, you don't even need to use any tools, just use your hands. Because the current rechargeable beard trimmer has a simple structure, you can easily remove these parts.



After you remove the parts from the high quality beard trimmer, you can clean it. You can rinse the beard trimmer and its parts with clean water. Then, you can use a brush to remove some stains left in the gap. We do not recommend soaking the advanced beard trimmer in water for cleaning, even if it is waterproof. This may reduce the service life of the beard trimmer.


32-1-cordless beard trimmer


After cleaning, the beard trimmer should be completely dry. You can use a hair dryer to remove moisture from the surface and gaps of the beard trimmer. If you don't have a hair dryer, you can also wipe the beard trimmer with a paper towel or dry towel, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.



When the beard trimmer is dry, you can soak the blade, the head and other parts in medical alcohol or other disinfectants. Then spray an appropriate amount of medical alcohol on the body of the multifunctional bread trimmer. This can kill most bacteria and avoid cross infection. After a few minutes, you can remove the parts from the disinfectant and wipe them dry.



Before assembling the facial hair clipper, you also need to apply a layer of mineral oil on these parts, which can not only lubricate, but also effectively prevent the blade and other metal parts from rusting, so as to prolong the service life of the men's electric trimmer.

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