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How to make a choice between corded and cordless beard trimmer?

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When you choose from a variety of electric beard trimmers, the most common choice is to choose a corded beard trimmer or a cordless beard trimmer. These two types of beard trimmers have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the following will explain the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of beard trimmers to help you meet your needs and make a better choice.

The differences between corded and cordless beard trimmers

As the name suggests, the main difference between the two types of beard trimmers is the rope. Both types of beard trimmers require a wire. The corded beard trimmer has no battery and needs to be plugged into an external power supply. The wire on the cordless trimmer can be connected to the charging socket or the trimmer itself to charge the trimmer battery. In addition, there is another obvious difference between the two types of beard trimmers is their power. In general, the power of a corded beard trimmer is greater than that of a cordless beard trimmer. Moreover, the service life of cordless beard trimmers is relatively short, and the service life of most cordless beard trimmers is one hour.

83. cordless beard trimmer

The advantages and disadvantages of cordless beard trimmers


  • Cordless trimmers can be used freely. Cordless trimmers and fully charged batteries can be used freely everywhere, allowing users to use them on the journey. It is a very convenient choice

  • If you like to trim your beard while bathing, some cordless waterproof beard trimmers can be used in the bathroom because they can be operated in water.


  • If the power of the professional beard trimmer runs out, you must stop trimming halfway and wait for recharging before you can continue to use it.

  • Cordless beard trimmer with low battery will cause hair pulling. Compared with the newly purchased cordless beard trimmer, the battery life of the cordless beard trimmer is easy to be exhausted.

  • If the battery encounters any fault, you must replace it with a new one in time. Using a bad battery will cause damage to the beard trimmer.

83. corded beard trimmer

The advantages and disadvantages of corded trimmers


  • The wired beard trimmer ensures that the machine can have a continuous stream of direct power. You never have to worry about running out of power when trimming your beard, because it doesn't have anything like battery depletion.

  • Compared with the cordless beard trimmer, the corded beard trimmer has longer service life and longer service life.


  • Since there is a rope beard trimmer that has always been a power supply to function, this type of beard trimmer cannot be used in the bath. This is more restrictive than a cordless trimmer.

  • Have a rope beard trimmer restrict your actions freedom, because the twisted pair is added and the wires may be wound during use.

By comparing the differences between the two types of beard trimmers and introducing the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of beard trimmers, you may have a certain understanding of cordless beard trimmers and corded beard trimmers. No matter what type of beard trimmer you choose, Dingling can provide you with the high quality beard trimmer and waterproof beard trimmers. If you are considering buying a suitable good beard trimmers or beard trimmer kits, for more information, you can consider consulting Dingling.

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