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How to choose the suitable electric shavers?

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Shavers are very important for men. How to choose a suitable electric beard shavers is a very important question. The following will introduce from several angles how to choose the most suitable electric shaver for you.


The most important thing to choose a razor is the head. Our common beard shaver machines has the following two heads. They are rotary cutter head and reciprocating cutter head.


93. beard shaver of reciprocating cutter head

The advantages of rotary cutter head

1. Rotary cutter head has good comfort and low noise during startup.

2. The rotary cutter heads are now self-grinding design, which is more durable, so there is no need to worry about the blade edge

3. The battery life is longer than the reciprocating type due to design factors such as structure and transmission.


Of course, there are drawbacks. It is not very friendly to people with more beards, and the cleanliness is not as good as the reciprocating effect.


The advantages of reciprocating cutter head

1. The power of the reciprocating cutter head is strong, and the veneer gap is smaller than that of the rotary cutter.

2. The power is stronger and the cleanliness of shaving is more thorough.

3. Because of the advantages of the structure, the effect of shaving the lower edge of the chin is better than the rotary shaving.


The disadvantage is that the cutter head needs to be replaced when it reaches the end of its life or has been used to a certain extent.


According to needs and lifestyle to choose

Men who are accustomed to shaving at home can choose a ready-to-use shaver; men who like to shave while taking a bath should choose a high quality beard shaver that can be washed all over the body, preferably a shaver with a non-slip design on the handle. For men who like to carry the shaver around, it is recommended to choose a shaver with a compact body and a carrying case; men who travel frequently should choose a dry battery, rechargeable beard shaver and dry battery hybrid razor or battery A long-lasting shaver.


Men with thick beards and need to shave every day should choose a swing shaver. Men with thin beards and do not shave often can choose a rotary razor with a larger contact area. For men with thick and long beards, It is best to choose a double-headed or three-headed or even four-headed rotary shaver. For men with allergic skin, choosing a automatic electric shaver is as cautious as women choosing cosmetics.


Nickel is the most common allergen. When the skin is damaged, bacterial infection and excessive friction can increase the absorption of nickel. Therefore, although the electric tremor of some electric shavers can play a tremor massage, dredge the meridian blood, It enhances the vitality of the lips and cheeks. However, after a few men use it, the skin around the mouth will be itchy for a while. This may be related to contact with the nickel contained in the electric shaver, so you need to pay attention to this when purchasing.


The blade of an electric shaver should be sharp. Its sharpness is generally judged by human feeling. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to choosing no pain on the skin, safe cutting, no pulling irritation, and the remaining hair after shaving is short. It is obvious that the outer knife glides on the skin smoothly and smoothly.


When purchasing, you should pay attention to choosing a shaver that should be equipped with a cover for storing and protecting the blade, or a shaver with a structure that can retract the blade or the whole. At the same time, pay attention to the beautiful and lightweight shape, complete parts, good assembly, and easy assembly and disassembly of accessories. 

93. electric beard shavers

Through the above introduction to the selection of electric shavers, I think you must have a certain understanding of how to choose an electric shaver that suits you. If you want to buy beard shaver, you can consider consulting Dingling. Dingling is a professional manufacturer which provides waterproof hair clippers, hair cutting trimmer, hair shaver kit, beard grooming kit, etc.

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