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How to Use a Men's Haircutter?

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The COVID-19 epidemic that lasted a year has led many people to learn to cut their hair at home. But it's hard to argue that amateur barbers are very skilled at cutting hair. And many may simply use scissors to trim at the ends of the hair rather than designing their hair in layers. For a better haircutting experience, this article will cover some tips for using men's haircut clippers.


Remember the city when the COVID-19 ban was just lifted? A large group of men with thick hair flocked to barbershops asking to be groomed. That's because good grooming is not only a sign of courtesy, it also shows that you care about looking decent in front of others. If you have a professional haircut clipper at home, you don't have to spend time waiting in a barbershop.


There are only a few common men's hairstyles, and using an electric razor and electric haircut shaver can help you trim the hair according to your face and head so that it stays at the ideal length. All you need to do is learn how to control the hair cutter and you can start your hairstyling journey.


We will show you how to complete the design with a high-quality haircut shaver, using a men's fade hairstyle as an example. This is a hairstyle that starts very short from the hairline, above the ears, and around the back but stays longer as you get closer to the top of the head. If you want to look more sophisticated, you need to keep your hair "faded" from short to long. Before you start the official trim, you will need to prepare tools such as hair cutting clippers, hair clipper guards, and hair combs.


8-3-high-quality haircut shaver

The focus of a men's fade is on the change of hair color consistency. That's why we recommend you to use blades of different heights to grasp the length of the cut hair. DingLing Professional Hair Clipper which has a powerful motor and 4 different cutting lengths is the best choice.


Face the mirror and hold the hair clipper in your hand. Keep the back of the barber machine facing you and the teeth of the barber guard facing up. Move the barber guard about 2 inches into the hair from the bottom of the hairline and trim against the direction of hair growth. Repeat this operation a few more times if you want certain areas to look lighter in color. Using a hair clipper guard will avoid the risks associated with the unskilled use of a hair cutting tool.


To make your hair look better, you also need to take care of the hairline and sideburns. For a faded hairline, instead of cutting a straight line at the back, clean up only the loose hair on your neck. And if you want to make yourself look drier, you can design a straight hairline. All you need is a pair of quality hair cutting machine with special blades for a precisely tapered cut.

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