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How to Use Electric Shaver Properly?

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Shaving is an important task that men cannot ignore every day, and men who pay attention to appearance should be equipped with a practical electric shaver. And rechargeable electric shavers are safer and more convenient than manual ones. Then how to use an electric hair shaver? Let us take a look together.


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First of all, you should pay attention to the polarity of the dry battery or charger when connecting the power supply to prevent the motor from reversing, thereby damaging the fixed blade and the movable blade. No matter you use reciprocating electric shaver or rotating electric shaver, when shaving, you had better to push the fixed blade close to the face and slowly move it against the direction of the growth of the beard, so that the beard can enter the mesh smoothly. If you move along the beard, it will overwhelm the beard, which is not conducive for the beard to enter the mesh.


Generally speaking, electric shavers are not suitable for shaving long beards, so it is better to shave every two days or so. If the beard is very long, you may use professional hair clippers or hair cutting machine to cut the beard short, and then use a small electric razor to shave it off. If you dont have professional barber clippers or small scissors, you should use multiple shaving methods, first touch the skin with the fixed blade and the beard in a vertical direction, and shave the beard shorter. When using an electric shaver with a clipper, the blade of the clipper should be moved at a vertical angle to the face to shave the beard clean.


What is more, once the rolling phenomenon occurs during shaving, you should turn off the power and restart it, and continue shaving after the motor rotates normally. We know that the fixed blade of the electric shaver is very thin, so it cannot be deformed or damaged by forcing it to press. For dry battery type electric shavers, the battery should be taken out to prevent the battery from being damp and leaking and causing unnecessary corrosion damage after being used up or left unused for a long time.


In order to keep long service life, you had better to add a small amount of lubricating oil to the bearing parts regularly to reduce wear. Non-wet electric shavers should not be cleaned with volatile chemicals such as water or alcohol. For blades of non-stainless steel materials, if they are not used for a long time, a thin layer of oil should be applied to the blades to prevent rust from damaging the blades. After each use of the razor, remember to use a small brush to sweep away the dirt such as beards and hairs. Do not allow the dirt to accumulate, otherwise the motor will be stuck or the transmission will be blocked. At the same time, hair debris and greasy skin will affect the sharpness of the blade if they cannot be cleaned completely. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean them thoroughly after each use.

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