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How to Trim the Beard Neckline?

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Beard is one of masculine characteristics, so many men will consider having a beard. If you plan to have a beard, the way you trim your beard is very important. The beard neckline is also very important to a perfect beard. In this article we will introduce how to trim a perfect beard neckline with beard trimmer. Perhaps you are worried about not being able to trim a perfect beard neckline because you are not proficient in the use of shaving trimmer. But in fact, even if you are not very skilled in the use of beard trimmer for men, trimming is much simpler than you think.



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Do You Need to Trim Your Beard?

Many people judge the time to trim their beards based on their preferences. You can also choose to grow a beard and let it grow naturally, but we don't recommend it. With the help of the electric beard trimmer, you can simply trim your beard every day. Daily trimming can help you create a clean appearance and facilitate your facial care.


1. Clean and Wash Your Beard

Before trimming the beard, we need to clean the beard to remove dirt, oil and other impurities. After washing, your beard will become clean and soft, and washing beard is also beneficial to your skin health.


2. Care for the Beard

After washing your beard, in order to keep your skin and beard moisturized, you need to use a beard moisturizer, which can make your beard soft and look more shiny.


3. Groom Your Beard

Before using the cordless beard trimmer, you can comb your beard first, which is convenient for you to observe the growth direction of the beard, and can help you decide which part of the hair needs to be trimmed with good beard trimmer and how long to trim it to achieve an even effect.


4. Trim Your Beard

After combing the beard, you can use the clean shave trimmer to trim the beard. There are different sizes and styles of hair clipper attachments for electric beard shaver. You need to find the best face trimmer to trim your breath.


5. Maintain Your Beard

After trimming your beard, you need to make the final touches. You need a dime-sized aftershave cream to moisturize your beard, and then comb your beard to give it a proper shape.



74-beard trimmer for men

How to Trim Beard Neckline

After you are able to trim your beard proficiently, you can turn your attention to how to trim your beard neckline. The next step is to trim the neckline of the beard.


1. Determine the Position of the Beard Neckline

Place a mirror first so that it is easier to see the end of the neckline. When looking at the neckline, you need to keep your head upright and then place a finger on your chin, which is the neckline in the middle of the mustache.


2. Trim the Beard Neckline

Cut some hair down from the middle of the neckline and trim the shape of the neckline with rechargeable beard trimmer. Trim your hair evenly on both sides of the neckline. If you want to create a rounder shape, you can trim the corner of the beard shape into a slight curve. Be careful not to scratch yourself during the process.


3. Maintain Your Beard

After trimming, you need to apply aftershave cream on your beard to maintain your beard. This will not only prevent you from feeling uncomfortable after trimming, but also make your beard soft and shiny.

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