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How to Trim Your Beard?

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If you have a thick beard and want to trim it yourself with beard trimmer, this article can help you a lot. Although some people think that a thick beard is a sign of authority and masculinity, many people think it shows that they don't care about their appearance. Therefore, proper beard care is essential in modern life. In this article, we will introduce how to trim your beard with beard trimmer for men.


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The Basics of Trimming Your Beard

1. Pay Attention to the Symmetry of the Beard

Symmetry is the basis of beautiful beard styling. This is the most basic and most important. Asymmetrical beards will look funny.


2. Beard Length

There are generally no special rules for the length of the beard, just choose it according to your own preferences. From short stubble to long beard, whatever the length is, as long as you like it.


3. Neck Hair Should Be Shaved

Generally speaking, beard and chest hair are not connected together. However, you can often shave the hair on your neck with facial hair trimmer, so that your neck will be smoother.



Tools for Trimming Beard

There are many kinds of tools for trimming beards, scissors, razor trimmers, electric beard trimmer and many others. Traditional people prefer to use scissors, but this tool is a test of skill. For people with heavy beards, scissors are inconvenient to use and take a lot of time. Modern beard cutting machine are very convenient, you can choose the right one according to your needs.



Trim Your Beard Yourself

When trimming your beard yourself, you need to be careful that the sides of the beard should be shorter than the lower beard, which refers to the area extending from the sideburns down to the top of the chin. Generally speaking, side beards tend to be relatively fluffy, which will make your face look very wide, which is not conducive to your handsome style. Therefore, we need to make the side beards as thin as possible to modify the shape of the face and increase the charm. After understanding these, you can trim your beard with beard cutter according to the following steps.


1. Groom and tidy beards. You can choose to comb your beard downwards so that all your beards are arranged in one direction for easy trimming.


2. When trimming the beard, you can trim the beard downwards with electric beard shaver. At the beginning, you need to trim it carefully. You can trim it slowly and first trim the beard with a longer edge.


3. Carefully trim the details of the beard. Take the time to trim the beard carefully, trim the details of the beard carefully from the sideburns to the chin. During the trimming process, you can comb the beard to make it neat and easy to trim with hair beard trimmer.


4. If you trim to the root of the stubble, you need to consider whether to continue trimming and shave it or whether to continue to grow it. If you have some beards that surpass others, line them up. This will also make your beard look thicker. When trimming this beard, you can hold the beard mustache trimmer perpendicular to your beard.


5. After trimming, look in the mirror carefully, then comb the beard, looking for the beard that has not been trimmed.


6. After trimming is complete, wash and care for the beard. You can apply beard oil to make your beard look shiny.


7. Prune regularly. Generally speaking, as long as you trim a satisfactory beard shape for the first time, you can only maintain the length of the beard. It is recommended to trim the beard every half week.

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