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How to Maintain the Blade of Hair Shaver?

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For men, face shaving work is actually very important. If you want to see whether a man is exquisite or not, you may look whether he has a beard on his chin. If he doesn’t even care for his beard, a bad impression will be left for people. So, a good electric shaver is very important for men. We know that the blade of electric hair shaver is the key part of shaver. How to maintain the blade of hair shaver?

63-hair razor blade

Regarding the maintenance of the hair shaver blade, the following points should be paid attention to

1. Always clean the cutter head, but pay special attention to not hurt the blade during cleaning. You can use a brush to remove dander along the blade, and then spray cleaning and disinfection lubricant to keep the hair razor blade sharp.

2. The cutter head of electric beard razor must be close to the skin to achieve the best results. When in use, the angle between the electric beard shaver and the skin should be kept at ninety degrees, so that the blade can be close to the beard in order to achieve the best shaving effect.

3. The common way to clean the cutter head is that you rinse it with water. When rinsing with clean water, it is best not to touch the body of the electric hair razor with water to avoid malfunctions. If the product you are using is waterproof hair shaver, you had better to keep the base part away from water to avoid damage to the motor.

4. Please do not use an electric shaver with insufficient power. Reluctant use will cause the internal wear of the motor of the electric shaver machine.

5. After using the razor for a period of time, mites may grow on the blade. In order to avoid the appearance of mites, after the electric razor machine is used for about two weeks, it is necessary to carry out a mites-killing work. First of all, unscrew the blade, and take out the blade, next, sweep away the beard stubble, and then use a cotton ball with alcohol to rub the blade. You also can drop half a drop of wind oil essence on the blade to kill mites. Be careful not to drop the wind oil essence on the rotating shaft, and then install the razor head. The special smell and the active ingredients of essence are the nemesis of mites, and its oily state will not make the blade rust, and it will not affect the skin. How long your electric shaver has not been cleaned? In order to let it stay with you for a longer time and provide good function, you may give it a "care" as soon as possible.

What is more, here it is recommended that you should use it properly in order to prolong the service life of blade. For example, when shaving, use your hand to tighten the skin. Don't push the cutter head vigorously. You can shave the scum by gently sliding over the beard area.

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