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How to Cut Hair with a Haircutter?

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More and more people will take the time to fix their hair before working and going out. Ladies with long hair will have their hair oiled daily to the point of shine. People with short hair, both men and women, need to spend more time fixing their hair. This is because growing hair can easily ruin your look. To look clean and tidy, many people will choose to go to the barbershop every month for a finishing touch. But under the influence of COVID-19, the global economic environment has deteriorated to the point where people have less and less disposable funds. To save time and money, we recommend you trim your hair yourself at home with a professional haircutter.



Choosing the right barber shavers and guards

Whether your goal is to achieve a simple fade or change your hairstyle, you need to have professional barber tools on hand before you start. An electric barber clipper with a powerful motor can accommodate a variety of hair cuts. If you want to make it easier to create freely, you can choose a high-quality barber kit with different blade lengths, such as the DingLing Professional Hair Clipper with its powerful motor and 4 different cutting lengths. If you want a uniform length throughout the head, and haircut shaver matching guards are also very important. They are usually shields. Just like the ruler used to draw a straight line, the guard is used to determine the length to which the hair will be cut.



7-1- professional haircutter

Wash and blow-dry your hair

Dripping wet hair is almost impossible to cut off properly with scissors, so don't try. As usual, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Clean hair is easier to work with, as dirt and tangled hair can get in the way of a smooth blade. Then you need to absorb the moisture from your hair with a dry towel. A dry hair environment makes it easier to get the style of hair you need and helps prevent rusting of the barber clipper blades. Because of the high price of a quality hair clipper, it's worth keeping well.



Cut carefully

Install the guard correctly for your needs. Here's an easy way to do it: Use the longest guard for your entire head, then gradually use shorter guards for the shorter parts of your style. Starting near the scalp, slide your hand down to attach the selected size guard to your scissors. Cut hair against the direction of hair growth, allowing the guard to feed as much hair as possible into the haircut shaver blades with each strike. Starting at the beginning of the hairline, arch the hair clipper upward, over the ear, and toward the side of the burn. For thicker hair, additional manipulation with the professional clipper may be necessary.



Maintaining the clippers

After each haircutting job, brush the barber machine blades clean of hair and then apply a thin film of oil to it. You'll only have to put in a few seconds of work in exchange for years of trouble-free trimming.

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