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How to Clean Clipper Guards?

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For hairdressers or barbers, hair clipper guards are often used when they help customers to cut hairs, which can ensure they don’t cut too much accidentally. For people who want to cut hair at home, it is a good helper as well, which can help them to cut hair length accurately. But hair trimmer guards should be cleaned regularly to keep it tidy and hygiene after using. The important thing is that cleaning the guard of electric hair clipper is very important, which can avoid any infections caused by bacteria and hair on the hair clipper blade. In this article, we will discuss how to clean electric clipper guards.


Cleaning methods

First of all, you should take the guard off the electric clipper machine in order to clean easier. Here special remind that you must make sure to unplug to avoid starting it accidently before removing the guard from the hair cutting machine. Usually the clipper guards are easy to come off. You just operate according to the instruction. Next, press the button and pull the guard to get it off. Some clipper guards cannot be removable. When you clean and wash it, you need to pay attention to do not get the electronic parts wet.  

Usually the hair clipper kit will attach some accessories including cleaning brush. Now you may use the small brush to clean the hair scum and debris, and remove any hairs hiding in it. At the same time, brush any dirt off the guard. We know that sometimes there are some dandruff stuck on the blades and guards of clipper. It is recommended that you rinse it with warm running water and soap. If it cannot be cleaned thoroughly, you may use warm or hot water with special detergents to wash it. Remember to scrub the clipper teeth with the cleaning brush. It is the place where is easy to hide trapped hair and dirt. And it is the place where is not easy to clean.

After cleaning, you may use a clean towel to wipe the water and put the guard in a ventilating place to air-dry completely. And then store them until you use it again. In barber shop or salon, they have a special place to store and air-dry them since there are a lot of clipper guards and various electric clippers. You had better to clean and disinfect your clippers and the guards after using 3-4 times. It is a good way to keep them clean and kill any germs.

It is recommended to clean the guard and cutter head frequently to prevent the breeding of mites on the clippers and avoid unnecessary cross-infection, because no matter how expensive the clipper is, it cannot avoid hair bacteria leaving on the clippers, which is why you should clean and disinfect them frequently. And there is too much dirt in the hair clipper tool that hinders the normal operation of the movable blade or the normal rotation of the motor. As long as the dirt is removed, the fault can be eliminated.

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