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How to Choose the Right Beard according to Your Face?

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Many men want to have handsome beards, but before you start trimming beards, you need to have the right equipment. Generally speaking, products for trimming beards include beard trimmer and razor trimmer. Both devices have their own advantages. You can choose the best men’s beard trimmer according to your own habits. After preparing the clean shave trimmer, you can choose a suitable beard shape.



Appropriate beard styling can add contrast to your face and make you look more attractive. Generally speaking, different face shapes have different facial features, so the suitable beard shapes are also different. If you think your friend’s beard style is suitable for you, you need to observe whether you and your friend’s face are the same, because the same beard style is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is more important to find the beard that suits your face shape. If you are not sure how to choose a suitable beard shape according to your face shape, you can refer to our suggestions.



75-best men’s beard trimmer

1. A Beard Shape Suitable for a Square Face

If you have a square face, the contours of your cheeks will be more obvious and you will look more masculine. If you find the right beard for your square face, it will make your cheeks look more delicate and charming.


For people with a square face, the beard on both sides should be shorter, while the beard on the chin area should be thick so that it complements the contour of the chin. In addition, you can also use the men's electric beard trimmer to draw clear and precise lines near the cheekbones. We will recommend some of the best styles for square faces to help you choose the right beard shape. For example, Royale Beard, this beard-shaped mustache is fixed on the chin strap. There is also Circle Beard, this shape consists of a small chin and a mustache forming a circle with beard styler. And Goatee, this shape is a small beard that stretches along the chin line.



2. A Beard Style Suitable for Oval or Long Face

The oval face and long face can perfectly fit most beard styles, whether you want some special beard shapes or just a short stubble, these are very suitable. There are two styles that are basically suitable for all oval or long face shapes. The first is the Three-day Stubble Beard, which is a neatly trimmed beard that looks like a three-day stubble. Next is Original Stache, which is a properly trimmed beard with face trimmer located above the upper lip.



3. A Beard Style Suitable for Round Face

If you have a round face, you also have many types of beard styles to choose from. Our suggestion is that you perform an angled shave along your cheekbones with facial hair trimmer, because this beard can make you face look thinner and highlight your facial advantages. If you are not sure about the shape of your beard, we have some options for you. For example, Van Dyke Beard, it is a whole goatee with a separate beard line. Then there is a Short Boxed Beard, this slender, neatly trimmed side with cordless beard trimmer complements the chin line. In addition, there is the Balbo Beard, which includes a beard without sideburns and a neatly trimmed floating beard with good beard trimmer.

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