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How to Care for the Shaved Head?

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Many people shave their heads for convenience, but in fact, shaved head need to be carefully maintained. Because there is no hair protection, the scalp is directly exposed to the air and will be more susceptible to temperature and humidity. For example, on a sunny day when the air is relatively dry, the scalp is prone to peeling. Therefore, the bald head also needs maintenance.



77-men’s beard shaver

1. Moisturizing

When the air is dry, the scalp will be exposed to UVA/UVB rays, and the scalp will become dry and rough or even peel. Therefore, when it is dry, shaved heads need special moisturizing measures, such as moisturizing cream. In addition, you can also choose to drink plenty of water to add moisture to the skin. Drinking at least 2 liters or half a gallon of water every day can ensure that the body receives enough water and help the skin stay moisturized.



2. Sun Protection

After 12 noon, the sun's UVA/UVB rays may damage the scalp and cause various skin diseases, such as skin cancer, severe sunburn, and skin aging. Without the protection of the hair, the scalp will be more susceptible to the effects of rays, so you need to pay attention to sun protection on the scalp. The first is to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, especially between 12 am and 5 pm. Because during this period, the radiation of sunlight is the strongest.


If you cannot avoid direct sunlight, you can also apply sunscreen. Or, you can choose to buy a beautiful sun hat and a pair of handsome sunglasses. When you need to go out, wear a hat and sunglasses to block harmful UVA/UVB rays and prevent various skin problems.


3. Try Wet Shave

Drinking on sunny days in dry winters will make your skin particularly prone to dehydration and need additional hydration. In addition to moisturizing cream and drinking plenty of water, you can also try wet shave with beard trimmer. Wet shave with shaving trimmer not only moisturizes the scalp, but also prevents skin irritation, dryness and razor trimmer bumps. Shaving cream, gel, foam or soap can be used for wet shave with beard shaver. But more importantly, the beard trimmer for men needs to be waterproof.



77-shaving trimmer

4. Choose the Right Beard Trimmer

For bald heads, regular trimming is also very important. Since the area to be trimmed is relatively large, a suitable and convenient clean shave trimmer is very important. We recommend a waterproof facial hair trimmer because it is safer to use. Compared with manual men’s beard shaver, electric beard trimmer require less effort and are not easy to cause wounds.



5. Use Shampoo and Conditioner

Some people are reluctant to use shampoo and conditioner after they have cut their hair with hair beard trimmer into a bare hair style, but just wipe their bald head by the way when washing their face. But in fact, your scalp and short stubbles need to be cleaned carefully, otherwise grease and dirt will accumulate on your scalp for a long time, making your head look greasy. We recommend using a refreshing shampoo and a conditioner to treat your hair. Be careful not to use soap, as it will dry out the scalp. In addition, the heat of the shower can dry out your skin. Therefore, we recommend that you use warm water instead of hot showers, or you can thoroughly moisturize and nourish the scalp with a moisturizer after each shower.

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