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How to Add Lubricating Oil for Hair Clipper?

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Normally men start to grow beards from 13 to 14 years old. And the growth rate of beard is even faster than hair, which is about 0.4mm per day. So, a good beard shaver is indispensible for men. No matter it is beard shaver product or hair clipper product, both of them need to be maintained regularly such as adding lubricating oil on the blade, so that the blade is sharp when using and it has longer service life. We know the use of electric hair clippers or electric beard shaver is very simple and convenient. How to maintain electric hair clippers? How to add lubricating oil?

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Cleaning and maintenance

Usually a high-quality hair clipper can be used for many years, and it is also essential to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. For example, after washing, you need to apply engine oil to the position of the cutter head. And some high-end products usually come with a cleaning base, which is more convenient for cleaning.

How to add lubricating oil to electric clippers?

The lubricating oil of electric haircutting machine is also very particular. For example, motor oil cannot be used because it is for high-power machines. The lubricating oil suitable for hair cutting machine is generally sewing machine oil and white mineral oil. This kind of lubricating oil can lubricate the hair cutting tool without sticking to the hair, and it can ensure the normal operation of the electric clipper. But when oiling the electric clipper, remember not to put it in the wrong position. Generally, the lubricating oil is applied to the two ends and the middle of the upper and lower blade joints. This is a good maintenance method for hair clippers.

How to maintain electric hair clippers?

1. Vibrate. When your electric clipper is very noisy or the blade vibrates badly, you may loosen the ingot-shaped screw backwards. This adjustment can help the electric clipper to return to normal.

2. Lack of power. The way to judge the lack of power of an electric clipper is to see whether it has formed three white lines after trimming the hair. If the power is insufficient, you can tighten the ingot-shaped screws.

3. Oil frequently. The blades of electric clippers need to be oiled frequently, otherwise the upper and lower blades will become hot or the power of the electric clippers will be insufficient. At the same time, adding lubricating oil on the blades can prolong the service life of product.

4. Avoid electric shock. If the 220V plug-in electric clipper uses a three-core wire, the grounding wire must be correctly connected to the grounding terminal of the three-hole socket. Otherwise it will be very dangerous.

5. Keep dry and ventilated. Electric hair clippers should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment, which can extend their life span, so you try not to bring it into the bathroom or use water to clean the blade. Otherwise, the blade of hair clipper will rust and cannot be used any more.

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