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How To Use The Beard Trimmer To Trim Long Beard?

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Growing a long beard can make you look more mature and charming. However, if you want to grow a long beard, you must maintain it often, otherwise your beard will become very messy. Therefore, growing a beard takes time and patience. In addition, you also need a high quality beard trimmer. The electric beard trimmer allows you to shave quickly when you are busy, saving you time.


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How To Trim Long Beard?

Whether you already have a long beard or you are going to grow a long beard, you must know how to trim it and how to maintain it. The following describes how to use the USB charging beard trimmer to trim your long beard and how you should maintain your long beard.


Detangle the Beard

To grow a long beard, you must first carefully clean your beard and remove excess cuticle. You can comb your beard. Keep the comb perpendicular to your face and pass it through the beard, then move the comb down to the end of the beard. You can repeat the above until your beard looks very neat.


Groom The Neckline

When you start learning to grow a long beard, you need to start at the bottom of your neck. Draw a mark above the Adam's apple, and then draw a regular curve at the left and right ends of the beard. According to the curves and marks you draw, you can use the quiet beard trimmer to trim your beard. Make sure to trim the beard along the curve and mark so that the end of the beard coincides with the curve, which will make your beard look more regular.


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Sometimes, when you are trimming your beard, you will forget your sideburns. Trimming the sideburns is also important. When the beard at the neckline looks very neat, you can use the silent beard trimmer to trim the sideburns. First, you can clean this part of the beard, including the beard under the ears. Then you can use the facial hair trimmer to trim the sideburns so that the length of each beard is basically the same.


Cheek Line

You need to be extra careful when you trim your cheek line beard. Since the cheek line is directly visible on the face, you must trim this part of your beard. Generally, you can connect the sideburns with the beard. The most common way is to keep the sideburns naturally bent and aligned with the beard.


Trim As Per The Desired Length

First you need to decide the length of the beard you want. At present, various premium beard trimmers sold on the market have the function of adjusting the length, which can help you trim your beard with appropriate length. For example, if you set the length to 5mm, the maximum length of each beard cut by the rechargeable beard trimmer is about 5mm. The length gears of these beard trimmers are generally 10, ranging from 1mm to 10mm. These professional beard trimmers are equipped with sharp blades to quickly trim excess beard. In addition, the mustache and beard trimmer is waterproof, allowing you to shave safely in the shower.

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