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How To Make Your Beard Trimmer Sharp?

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A beard can affect a man's appearance. If you can make your beard very neat and clean, it will make your appearance more attractive. When it comes to shaving, we have to mention the electric beard trimmer. A good beard trimmer can make you shave more easily and make you look more handsome and mature. Some men lose their masculinity because they don't have a handsome beard. A high quality beard trimmer can give men a clean appearance.


After the convenient beard trimmer is used for a period of time, its blade will also be gradually worn, which will lead to blunt edge of the blade, thus affecting shaving. Therefore, in order to keep your portable beard trimmer in good performance, you need to sharpen its blade regularly to keep it sharp. The following describes how to make your beard trimmer sharp.



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How To Sharpen Your Beard Trimmer

To sharpen your waterproof beard trimmer, you need to prepare a rough grindstone.


Place the blade of the facial hair trimmer on the grindstone and move the blade back and forth on the surface of the grindstone.


Repeat the above process about 5 to 6 times until the edge of the blade becomes shiny.


After that, you need to use a dry towel to wipe some metal powder off the blade. 


When you sharpen one blade, you can sharpen other blades. When all the blades become sharp, you can reinstall them on the premium beard trimmer. 


35-3-affordable beard trimme


What Phenomena Indicate That You Need To Maintain Your Beard Trimmer? 

Annoying Sound From The Bread Trimmer

When you use the quiet beard trimmer and hear some noise from the beard trimmer, it means you need to maintain it. You need to clean, sharpen or oil it.


Low Cutting Power

When you find that the rotation speed of the blade of your mustache and beard trimmer decreases, or you find that it takes you longer to remove your beard, it means that the power of the beard trimmer is low or the blade is not sharp enough.


Discolouration Or Rust

When you find that the blade of the advanced beard trimmer begins to change color, you need to clean and disinfect it. If you find that the blade is rusty, don't let water remain on the blade. And after cleaning the blade, you need to use a hair dryer to dry it thoroughly.


Painful Shaving

When you find that you are shaving, the blade will directly pull off your beard instead of cutting it off, which means that the edge of the blade is blunt or damaged. Pulling off your beard directly will make you feel pain. At this time, you need to sharpen the blade. If you find that the blade is damaged, you need to replace it with a new one.


In addition to the above phenomena, you can also maintain the beard trimming machine regularly. Usually, you need to clean the beard trimmer once a week and oil it once a month. If you use the beard trimmer very frequently, it is recommended to oil it every two weeks. 

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