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How To Fix A Beard Trimmer?

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Although many hot selling beard trimmers are durable, some improper operation will often cause varying degrees of damage to them. If your beard trimmer is damaged, you can try to repair it yourself first.


The following discusses what to do if the battery of the professional beard trimmer stops working and the edge of the blade is blunt. In addition, the following contents also introduce how to replace the power switch if it fails.


21-1-professional beard trimmer


Battery Replacement

If the battery of your adjustable beard trimmer is damaged, you can replace it according to the following steps. First, you need to remove the front and rear panels of the beard trimmer. To complete this step, you need to remove the blade first. You need to put your thumb under the blade and push it up so that you can remove the blade. After that, you need to pry the cordless beard trimmer off with a short metal stick. When prying the beard trimmer, be sure to slowly separate each joint to avoid damaging the product. When half of the joints are pried off, you can manually remove the front and rear panels. After that, you can slowly remove the battery from the electric beard trimmer. Then put the new battery into the beard trimmer and weld the wire with the battery.



Blade Replacement

If you find that the trimming ability of your barber beard trimmer has decreased, it means that the blade has become blunt. At this point, you need to clean the blade or replace the blade. You can use a pair of tweezers to remove the plastic shell from the blade base. When you remove the plastic shell, you will see a spring, which needs to be removed with tweezers. After that, you can replace the blade or clean the blade. After that, you need to reinstall the blade on the hair and beard clipper in the reverse order of the above steps.


21-3-digital beard trimmer


Replacing The Power Switch

If you find that the power switch of the battery beard trimmer doesn't work properly, you need to replace it. First, you need to remove the blade according to the steps described above, and use a tool to pry and remove the front and rear panels of the beard trimmer. In this process, you need to slowly remove the panel to avoid damage. After that, you need to remove the wire connecting the battery. Now, you can remove the plastic frame from the front panel, and then you can remove the power switch and replace it with a new one. In this process, you must have enough patience to avoid parts being damaged.




Self repairing the facial hair clipper sounds complicated, but if you strictly follow the operating instructions, you will find that it is not difficult. The above content briefly introduces some methods of repairing beard trimming machine. Through the above steps, you can eliminate some simple faults and repair the beard trimmer, which can help you save money on buying new equipment. In addition, in this process, you can also learn some basic maintenance knowledge. 

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