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How To Disinfect The Beard Trimmer?

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Beard trimmer is a convenient tool. It is a necessary beauty tool for every man. Because men need to shave often, the electric beard trimmer will become dirty after being used for a period of time. In addition, a large number of bacteria will accumulate in the beard trimming machine, causing some skin diseases. Therefore, we must disinfect the beard trimmer regularly.


Disinfecting the rechargeable beard trimmer is a simple thing, but you need to make some preparations. Most importantly, you need to clean the beard trimmer before disinfection to ensure that there are no residual beard, dust and other stains on the machine, otherwise the disinfection effect may be affected.


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Dismantle Your Beard Trimmers

If your premium beard trimmer is wired, you first need to unplug it. If you don't unplug, the beard trimmer is charged, and it is very dangerous to disinfect it. Then, remove the blade, the head and other parts of the mustache and beard trimmer. Before dismantling the beard trimmer, you can also wash your hands with soap to avoid bringing more bacteria to the beard trimmer.



Brush Off The Stains

To make the disinfection effect better, you must first remove the stains left on the blade and the body. These stains are usually beard, dust and sometimes dead skin. These stains provide a place for bacteria to grow. You can use a brush, dry towel or cotton swab to remove these stains. The package of your professional beard trimmer usually contains a special brush for cleaning the sharp beard trimmer. When you clean these loose stains, some small beard may still remain on the blade or other parts. Therefore, you can use this special brush to remove these small beard.



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Use The Disinfectant Solution

The most common disinfectant on the market is medical alcohol. You can buy this product in many stores, and its price is also low. If you don't have medical alcohol, you can also make a simple disinfectant. For example, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar as a disinfectant. After you have the disinfectant, you can soak the blade, the head and other parts directly in the disinfectant, and then use a cotton swab to apply the disinfectant to the body of the beard trimmer.



Clean Blade And Head

The blade, the head and other parts can be removed from the disinfectant after soaking for a few minutes. Since a large number of bacteria are usually left on the handle of the battery beard trimmer, you need to spray an appropriate amount of disinfectant on the handle. In addition, the body of the facial hair trimmer often has some gaps, and there are a lot of bacteria in these gaps, so you also need to use cotton swabs or other tools to apply disinfectant to the gaps.


After disinfection, you also need to clean the beard trimmer to remove excess disinfectant. If your durable beard trimmer is waterproof, you can rinse it directly with water. If it is not waterproof, you need to wipe it with a wet towel. 

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