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How To Clean Your Beard Trimmer?

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If you don't clean your rechargeable beard trimmer for a long time, although it still seems to work normally, its efficiency will be significantly reduced. In addition, a lot of dead skin, hair and dust will accumulate inside the battery beard trimmer. If not cleaned in time, these substances will become a hotbed of bacteria. If a large number of bacteria accumulate inside the beard trimmer, you will feel itchy when shaving.


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How To Clean A Beard Trimmer

Rinse Your Beard Trimmer

Since most facial hair trimmers are waterproof, you can rinse them directly. However, rinsing the waterproof beard trimmer can not completely clean it. Some beard will still get stuck in some gaps and blades. But first, you can use hot water to rinse the beard trimmer to remove most of the beard and dust. You can remove the blade of the beard trimmer and rinse the blade and the body respectively.


Use A Brush

Usually, some beard and dust will adhere to the blade, so you need to use a brush to clean these parts. If you don't have a brush, you can also use an abandoned toothbrush. It should be noted that you must not use your fingers to remove the beard left on the blade, otherwise your fingers may be scratched by the blade.


Apply Oil

When you can't see the residual beard on the blade, it means that you have cleaned all your beard. After that, you can apply oil to the blade. Oil can play the role of lubrication and rust prevention, which is very important for metals. Oil can also extend the service life of the electric beard trimmer and maintain its best performance for a long time.


If no oil comes with your adjustable beard trimmer, you can use palm oil, olive oil or other oil instead. When using, you only need to drop one or two drops of lubricating oil on the blade, and then wipe the excess oil dry with a paper towel. Excessive lubricating oil will damage the motor and make the cordless beard trimmer inoperable.


Let It Dry

Finally, you need to dry the blade thoroughly. Before that, you'd better not install each part on the barber beard trimmer. You can put the beard trimmer and its parts in a ventilated place to dry them naturally, or you can use a hair dryer to dry them. Try not to use a towel to wipe these parts, because the fiber of the towel may get stuck on these parts.



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Clean Your Beard Trimmer At Home

The cleaning frequency of the facial hair trimmer depends on how often you use it. It is recommended to simply clean it after each use. Without proper cleaning, the blade will become blunt and may eventually be damaged. Therefore, if you want your beard trimmer to last long enough, you must wash it often and keep it properly. Any electrical appliance needs regular maintenance to prolong its service life. You can clean the effective beard trimmer at home according to the above content, which only takes a few minutes. 

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