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How Should a Man Shave Correctly?

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Shaving with electric hair clippers or beard trimmer machine is the daily work for men. But you should pay attention to the sense of direction when shaving in beard cutting machine. Random shaving in electric beard clipper can easily pull the beard and cause pain, and even cause wounds. The how a man should shave correctly?

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The correct steps for a man to shave

In fact, men need to pay attention to the order and timing of shaving, which can not only protect their facial skin, but also make them look refreshed and healthy. Below are steps for a man to shave correctly in beard shaving machine.

1. Soften the beard

We know that the beard is mainly composed of horny and hairy scales, so it has the characteristics of being softened when exposed to heat and moisture. Therefore, it is best to shave when you have not dried your face after bathing at night. At this time, the beard is steamed and softened by water, which is the easiest trim time. If the beard grows quickly and you have to shave in the morning, you can also apply a hot towel to the beard for a few minutes after washing your face, and wait for it to soften before starting.

2. Upper shaving foam

Generally most shaving foams contain formulas that soften the beard and calm the skin. Compared with dry shaving or shaving only with water, it can greatly inhibit the aforementioned troubles. And the cut beard will be covered by foam and will be easily washed away by water. You also can save the troubles to clean up. Please note if you use soap or foam from a facial cleanser to shave, the soap ingredients accumulated for a long time will make the skin dry and easily cause skin breakage.

3. Shave smoothly first

Shaving down along the growth direction of the beard is easy to cause skin damage. The steps are to thin the beard first, and reduce the resistance of the hair clipper blade, and then shave in the direction of the growth of the beard in hair cutting tools.

4. Reverse shave

After roughly shave the beard with a smooth shave gesture in beard clipper tool, finally use a reverse shave to shave the unshaved beard thoroughly. At this time, you should avoid severe scraping to avoid allergies and inflammation.

5. Moisturizing in shaving water

When using shaving water, take an appropriate amount on your fingertips and apply lightly on the skin area that has just completed the shaving step. Please remember to wash your hands first to prevent bacteria on your hands from attacking the fragile skin just shaved.

If you want to shave the beard scum in electric beard trimmer, you only need to gently press and pull your face with your hands to expose the roots of the beard hidden in the epidermis, while the beard around the mouth can use the O-mouth shape to stretch the skin at the corners of the mouth and shave it cleanly in beard and mustache trimmer.

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