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How Often Should You Oil Your Beard Trimmer?

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Oiling your electric beard trimmer can not only lubricate, but also prevent metal parts from rusting. But that doesn't mean you need to oil your wireless beard trimmer often. Usually, it's best to oil your beard trimmer once a month. If you use your beard trimmer very often, you can oil it every two weeks.



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How Do You Oil Your Beard Trimmer?

Oiling your adjustable beard trimmer is not as difficult as you think. First, you need to hold the trimmer in your hand and make sure the blade is facing down. Then, you can drop one or two drops of oil on the blade and remove the excess oil with a clean towel. It should be noted that you cannot apply too much oil to the blade at one time, because too much oil will damage your trimmer.



Why Do You Need To Lubricate Your Trimmer?

Regularly oiling the beard trimmer can keep its performance at its best. If your cordless beard trimmer is not oiled, your beard may be pulled directly from your skin when the blade rotates. In addition, the oil can also slow down the speed of blade rust and prolong the service life of battery beard trimmer. 



Clipper Oil

Clipper oil is a special oil. Its formula is different from that of ordinary lubricating oil. Clipper oil keeps the blades of the beard trimming machine clean and lubricated. It is a liquid that can increase the performance of the beard trimmer and improve the shaving experience of the user. In addition, it can effectively prevent the beard from being pulled directly from the skin by the blade. You can find all kinds of clipper oil in the online mall. The basic functions of these products are the same.



Can You Use Baby Oil On Beard Trimmers?

You can also use baby oil to lubricate your durable beard trimmer. Engine oil is more viscous than baby oil, so it is more likely to cause the blade to be blocked. If you don't want the blade to be blocked and unable to work, it is recommended that you use baby oil. The method of lubricating the waterproof beard trimmer with baby oil is the same as that with other oils. 


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Do You Need To Oil New Beard Trimmers

Usually, the blade of the new beard trimmer you buy is coated with lubricating oil, but there are exceptions. Therefore, we recommend that you also oil the new design beard trimmer, which can prolong its service life and increase its performance.



How To Store Your Beard Trimmer?

Now that you know how to oil your high quality beard trimmer, you should also know how to keep it properly. You need to store the beard trimmer in a dry and cool place. For example, you can put it in a small dressing box to prevent it from being damaged. In addition, you should keep the beard trimmer out of the reach of children. Because the beard trimmer contains blades, if children take it apart, these blades may scratch their hands. If the battery of your beard trimmer is removable, you need to remove the battery when you don't use it for a long time to prolong the service life of the battery.

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