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How Often Should You Change Your Beard Trimmer?

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Electric beard trimmer is a necessary tool for every man. It can help men shave more easily. However, the USB charging beard trimmer needs to be maintained regularly to extend its service life. The following describes how often the beard trimmer should be replaced and how to maintain it.


The service life of different brands of premium beard trimmers is also different, but the average life is usually 7 to 10 years. In addition, you need to maintain it properly on a regular basis, otherwise its service life may be shortened. Routine maintenance is essential for the rechargeable beard trimmer because it will affect the performance of the product. If you don't maintain the professional beard trimmer for a long time, it will directly affect your shaving experience.


For example, when you use the high quality beard trimmer for a period of time, you will find that the rotation speed of the blade seems to be reduced, and your beard is always clamped by the blade, which makes you very uncomfortable, which means that your wireless beard trimmer needs to be maintained or replaced.


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How Long Do Beard Trimmers Last?

The service life of adjustable beard trimmer is the most concerned problem of many consumers. Different brands will provide consumers with different warranty periods. Generally, the service life of beard trimmer is 7 to 10 years, but not every product can achieve such service life. Therefore, you must maintain them regularly to prolong their service life as much as possible.


The service life of the beard trimmer depends on various factors, including the durability of the blades, how you use them, whether the charger is qualified, etc. In addition, the quality of the product itself is also crucial. Therefore, we suggest you buy a brand with good credit. You also need to maintain your beard trimmer regularly during daily use. For example, you need to lubricate the blade regularly to make the blade rotate smoothly. The correct shaving method and battery storage method are also common methods to prolong the service life of beard trimmer.



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How To Maintain Beard Trimmers

Maintaining the facial hair clipper is simple and takes only about 20 minutes. If you shave every day, you can maintain your beard trimmer once a week. If you don't use the beard trimmer so often, you can maintain it once a month. You need to prepare a tool kit containing lubricating oil, oil and sharpener. In addition, if you find that some parts of the beard trimmer are deformed or damaged, you need to buy new parts.


Usually, you only need to maintain the blade part of the battery beard trimmer. After long-term use, a large amount of beard and dust will adhere to the surface of the blade, making the blade blunt. At this point, you need to remove the blade from the beard trimmer and clean it. After that, you can use the sharpener to sharpen the blade again, and then install the blade on the beard trimmer. Finally, you need to apply some lubricating oil at the connection between the blade and the motor to make it rotate stably.

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