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How Much Do You Know about the Guide Sizes of Hair Clipper?

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We know that the guide size of electric hair clipper can help people to cut hair length accurately. It brings more convenience for people who want to cut hair at home. The following are the haircut numbers and their guide size of the hair clipper machine:

Number 1-one-eighth inch

Number 2-quarter inch

Number 3-Eight-thirds of an inch

Size 4-half inch

Number 5-eight-fifths of an inch

Number 6-Three-quarters of an inch

Number 7-Eight-sevenths of an inch

Number 8-one inch

Hair clipper RF-1981Black-1

Below, you will find the haircut models related to the size and type of hair clipper products used by different hair clipper brands.

Haircut No. 0 is a shorter, buzzing hairstyle because it does not require a guide device to be connected to the hair cutting clippers. Zero is basically a shaved head or faded bald head.

Haircut No. 1 leaves 1/8 inch of hair on the head. Only when it is longer than zero, the #1 guard is used for faded sides or very short hum. If you use this clipper guide size on your head, please note that your scalp will show up.

Haircut No. 2 is one of the popular hair clippers sizes because it is often used for faded sides and buzz cuts. The hair length is slightly longer than the number 1 which is 1/4 inch in length. The number 2 is still very short but will not expose your scalp. If you are balding or have thin hair, then the #2 length is a safe choice.

No. 3 haircut is another very popular trimmer size. The #3 guard allows 3/8 inch hair and is used by hairdressers to cut a higher number of fading. Usually, men will ask for 3 times less fading or buzzing because it is short and low maintenance, but there is no scalp displayed. 3 hairstyles are also suitable for thick and thin hair.

Hairstyle No. 4 is used to obtain 1/2 inch hair. #4 size of the clipper does not produce a very short buzzing sound and starts to cut the hair of head border. As the middle length of most scissors, Guard 4 provides reasonable length hair to maintain a more conservative hairstyle and style.

At 5/8 inches, haircut #5 leaves longer hair, which can be styled and brushed. If you want to shrink the sides of a longer hairstyle without too much contrast, then this is a good setting. Use the #5 hair trimmer size to get more classic effects.

Hairstyle #6 is suitable for styles that require 3/4-inch hair length. Like size of #5, #6 is usually used for tapered sides. At this length and above, a #6 hair clipper size no longer lets you be cut buzzing hairstyle.

You can use the No. 7 haircut to trim hair. In the case of 7/8 inches, #7 hair guard size is more suitable for buzzing hair on the top of the head without the hassle of using scissors. Remember to use a smaller clipper size and let you clean on the head sides.

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