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How Much Do You Know about Hair Clippers?

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We know that hair clipper is important for a hairdresser, which decides the quality of a hairdresser's handiwork.  To a certain extent, skills and proficiency can be truncated if a hairdresser uses the wrong hair cutting machine. So, choosing a good hair clipper will be a good beginning for a novice. For a hairdresser who has been in the business for a long time, a right hair clipper also will be a good helper for the business. And the professional hair cutting machine is more comfortable to use, and it is durable and has long service life.  Therefore, the right hair shear is indispensible to all stylists and barbers. Then what are the common hair clippers used by barbers?

56-good clipper tools

Generally speaking, essential tools for hair cutting include regular shears, thinning shears, razor shears, tooth combs, electric push knives, and large clamps and so on. Among them, regular shears, thinning shears and razor shears are main types.

What is regular Shear?

Regular shears are actually ordinary hair clippers used by most barbers or hairdressers when cutting hair. They are not like tooth scissors and are non-serrated. They can be used to trim bangs or help you solve dry and split ends. In a nutshell, whether you want to cut your bangs, trim the ends of your hair, or even cut your hair short, it can satisfy you. But it’s not enough to cut your hair with a regular shear. You also need to use other scissors to modify the hairstyle, so that the hair lines will not be too blunt or brushed. If you don’t want to go to the hair salon to trim your bangs, you might as well get a few scissors, and then happily cut your hair at home on weekend.

What is thinning shear?

Thinning shear is another type of texturizing shears. Its one-sided teeth like blade while the other side remains smooth like regular clippers. It is often used for thinning hair. For girls who have a lot of hair, using thinning shear to cut hair can make the hairstyle more refreshing. Especially in summer, they don't worry about sweat soaking thick hair.  And this type of clipper can add texture to hair by reducing the thickness in soft hair.

Haircut techniques

For people who have no experience in cutting hair, even if they have good clipper tools, they don't know how to use it. Here is a brief introduction to the use of shears. Now let us take a look.

1. Keep the fingers and the trimmed contour line parallel to clamp the hair piece, and cut the hair piece to the extent of the second joint of the index finger.

2. When parallel trimming, a bunch of hair pieces need to be trimmed several times to make them tidy.

3. When parallel trimming, the effect of two cuts is hard and unnatural, and the effect of 4 or 5 cuts will be natural and soft. This is the reason that the barbers always take long time to cut several times for hairs.

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