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How Do I Use The Beard Trimmer To Keep My Beard Short?

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At present, more and more men choose to shave their beard, which has become a fashion trend. As a result, it is becoming more and more common for men to use cordless beard trimmers and facial care tools. At present, the most common facial hair trimmers on the market are basically electric, and fewer and fewer people use manual razors. This is mainly because the electric beard trimmer is easy to use and can effectively avoid skin scratches.


30-3-battery beard trimmer

In the past few decades, great changes have taken place in people's shaving methods. At first, people used a manual razor to shave. Because the blade is in direct contact with the skin, this method may cause redness, itching and allergy. In addition, if you don't pay attention during shaving, you may scratch your skin. The emergence of rechargeable beard trimmer has greatly improved people's shaving experience. The blade of the battery beard trimmer is hidden inside the body and does not directly contact the skin, so various problems caused by using a manual razor can be avoided.


When shaving, if we use the wet shaving method, it will double the shaving time. In addition, wet shaving is more likely to cause skin rash, allergy and other symptoms. Therefore, we recommend using shaving cream or oil to complete shaving.


Shaving cream and oil can form a barrier on the surface of your skin, which makes the blade move more smoothly on the surface of the skin, so as to prevent the skin from being scratched by the blade. Oil works better than shaving cream because it does not clog the blade of the professional beard trimmer. Shaving cream produces thicker foam, which may cause the blade to be blocked. 


If your skin is very sensitive, your skin will become red, itchy or even inflamed after shaving. In order to avoid the above situation, we suggest you apply a layer of aloe on your face before shaving, which can alleviate and reduce the discomfort caused by shaving.


30-2-rechargeable beard trimmer


Recommended Routine For Trimming

Step One

Settle the beard in one direction to save time. When trimming your beard, you can use different accessories of the beard grooming trimmer to make shaving easier. It is recommended to trim the beard on the cheek first, and then the beard on the neck. 


Step Two

Use the waterproof beard trimmer to slowly cut off the beard along the cheek, and then gradually cut off the beard below the cheekbones. Finally, use a powerful beard trimmer to trim the beard on the neck and chin to make it basically the same length.


Step Three

If you accidentally cut part of your beard shorter than you want, you can also cut the beard around it, and then wait for the beard to grow naturally.


Step Four

When you use a sharp beard trimmer to trim your beard, you can apply whisker oil or lip balm to your beard, which can moisturize your beard and make it healthy and soft. In addition, it can prevent dry skin and itchy beard.  

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