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Do you know the cons and pros of trimmers?

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Trimmer is a more popular equipment suitable for men, this equipment can help trim and shape the hair. This machine can be used to trim body hair without causing damage to the skin. The electric beard trimmer has both advantages and disadvantages. The following will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of machine to help you choose a trimmer.


94. electric beard trimmer

The advantages of trimmers

lThe sound is usually smaller and quieter.

lIt will hardly scratch your face, and you can press hard on your face. Generally, the skin irritation is relatively small.

lThe beard trimming machine has multi-size comb accessories and adjustable blades, which means you can trim the length of your hair according to your own needs, and you can choose different styles of beard. In addition, in addition to the length, there are many trimmers that can change their speed settings.

lThe trimmer is more convenient to carry, because this device does not need to carry other shaving tools such as shaving cream. In addition, this kind of trimmer also has a cordless trimmer, which means that this kind of equipment will be more convenient, because they do not need to connect the power cord, you can take the trimmer to any place you want, and they will not take up too much. More space.

lThe service life of the trimmer shaving machine is very long. Because this kind of equipment is sealed, it will prevent water from getting in and getting wet, so this kind of trimmer can be used in the bathroom. This is a good choice for some people who like to shave in the bathroom. In addition, the quality of the cutter head of the trimmer is also very good. It is generally made of stainless steel and usually does not rust. Good quality trimmers can be used for at least 3 years.

lThe good beard trimmer provides highly accurate and precise trimming. Compared with traditional trimming using combs and scissors, the high quality beard trimmer is also safer and more reliable.


94. high quality beard trimmer

The disadvantages of trimmers

lSince the trimmer can only perform some fine-tuning trimming, it cannot completely remove the hair. Therefore, the trimmer cannot obtain a clean shaving effect. So if you want to keep facial hair and want to trim and style according to your own preferences, trimmers will be a good choice.

lThe price of general trimmers is not very expensive. But for some trimmers with additional functions, this trimmer is designed to be a body trimmer other than the face, and the cost of this trimmer is much higher than that of an ordinary beard trimmer. This means that additional features also determine the price of the trimmer.

lTrimmers are generally not considered for use with wet hair. So when you use the trimmer, you need to pay attention to whether your facial hair is completely dry.

lBecause the trimmer can't trim completely clean, it often leaves some stubble. These small stubbles may cause itchy skin and red rashes.


In general, this article introduces the advantages and disadvantages of trimmers. If you don't know how to choose a trimmer, please don't miss this article. In addition, if you want to buy a professional beard trimmer , you can consider Dingling which is a a supplier specializing in the production and sales of best beard trimmers, hair cutting trimmers, professional hair clippers and so on. 

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