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Do you know the common shaving mistakes?

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Shaving is a very important aspect of male grooming. Male shaving sounds easy, but in real life it is very challenging. If you don't pay attention to the correct shaving steps, you can make some common shaving mistakes and even scratch your face. Here are some common mistakes men make when shaving.


98. beard shaver machine

Wash face with cold water


People wash their faces to prepare before shaving. Some people choose to wash their face with cold water, which can irritate the skin and shrink the pores of the skin, making it difficult for shaving cream and beard shaver to work effectively. So before you start shaving, you can try to clean your face with lukewarm water, so your facial pores will open up and your stubble will be soft. You can easily achieve a clean and even shave by cleansing your face with warm water before shaving.


Do not use shaving foam before shaving


Another common shaving mistake is to go straight into the shaving process without using any shaving foam before shaving. Moisturizing your skin is important before shaving. Using shaving foam will soften your beard and moisten your skin to ensure a smooth shave and avoid scratching your face.


Not paying attention to the direction of shaving


Before you shave, you need to know which direction your beard is growing and grooming them accordingly. Because the correct shaving direction is along the direction of the growth of the beard. If you don't pay attention to the direction of shaving, since the pores of your skin are open, shaving in the opposite direction can damage your skin and even cause scratches.


Not cleaning the shaver before and after shaving


It is a mistake to shave with a beard shaver machine without cleaning it before shaving. The blades need to be cleaned before and after shaving, otherwise, bacteria will accumulate on the beard razor, which will cause itching and serious effects on the skin.


No care after shaving


After you shave, care is also a very important step. Because the sharp blades of a beard blade razor can cause a brief redness or rash on your face when shaving, proper care after shaving can reduce inflammation or other skin problems that may develop. You can use an aftershave cream after shaving to hydrate your damaged skin and moisturize your skin.


Share razors with others


Electric shaver machine as personal items cannot be shared with others. Because in the process of shaving, the sharp blade is likely to scratch people's skin and cause the skin to bleed, then the beard shaving machine will come into contact with blood and there will be a risk of disease transmission. Therefore, it is unhealthy to share a electric beard shaver with other people.


The above is an introduction to some common mistakes that men make when shaving. By understanding these common mistakes, you can master the correct shaving method to help you reduce the damage to the skin during shaving. In addition, if you want to get a better shaving effect, you can choose a high quality shaver to help you achieve a great shaving experience. Dingling is a professional electric shaver manufacturer. The beard electric trimmer has a sharp blade and can be used for a long time without corrosion, which can help people to cut various hair types quickly and easily. So if you are looking for the right shaver, welcome to consult Dingling.

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