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Do you know the cleaning methods for your hair trimmer?

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In our daily life, the electric hair trimmer is an essential tool for the family, and it is also an essential equipment for the barber shop. Since the hair trimmer machine is in direct contact with the scalp and skin, and considering that the skin is the host of many bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms, cleaning after use is an essential job. Cleaning your hair trimmer will help protect you from Infection can also extend the life of the hair cutting trimmer in future use. If you do not know the experience and professional knowledge of cleaning head hair trimmer, then please read our article, it will help you effectively.


95. hair trimmer machine

Clean hair residue in the blade

lRemove all hair, dirt and gaps accumulated between the blades. Spread a clean towel on the table. This will be your work area while you clean your hair cutting trimmer machines.

lGently remove the comb guide rail.

lEvaluate the blade and surrounding area. Brush off any loose hair ornaments. Barber sets are usually equipped with a small brush for cleaning and maintenance. If your hairdresser does not have a special cleaning brush, you can also use a cosmetic brush.

lIf your barber is equipped with a removable blade, be sure to follow the instructions on how to safely remove the blade from the host.

lRemove dust and hair debris from the blade and unit.

lAfter cleaning the blade, put the blade back in place immediately.

lSpray compressed air into the jar. This product can clean your barber without dismantling the whole device.

lGently close the blade cover to protect the blade at all times.

lWhen cleaning the space between the blades, do not use loose fiber materials, as this may cause messy fibers to get stuck between the blades. These small particles will hinder the smooth operation of the haircut.


Thoroughly clean the comb guide rail

Ideally, hair and scalp should be clean before cutting or styling hair. Dirty hair means that grease and hair care products accumulate on the comb guide over time. To effectively remove the short hair ornaments on the surface of the comb guide rail, be sure to follow the following steps:

lRemove the comb guide rail attachment. Wash accessories by hand in warm water mixed with mild detergent.

lDry the comb guides thoroughly before putting them away for storage. Ideally, they should be air dried. You can put them on a absorbent towel overnight.

lCarefully evaluate the comb guide for any signs of damage or wear. When you find any type of damage, you need to replace the comb guide to ensure operation efficiency. Broken or missing parts on the comb can cause ugly and inconsistent results.

lIf the haircut is packed in a box, be sure to clean it to avoid dust and dirt. Store the dry comb guide in a box.


95. head hair trimmer

Fully lubricate the blade

Like any machine, the mutual engagement of parts needs to be fully lubricated, and the barber scissors also need enough lubrication to give full play to their best performance. Exposure to air, moisture and operating friction may cause the tool to age over time. Blades that are well lubricated with oil will maintain their sharpness. Lubrication also protects the blade from rust. With a well lubricated haircut, your hair will run smoothly through it.


In general, the above describes the methods of cleaning hair shaver trimmers. If you want to clean your hair trimmer correctly, please don't miss this article. And If have any questions about professional hair trimmers, you can consider consulting Dingling, which is a professional manufacturer of adjustable hair trimmer, hair shaver kit , cordless hair trimmer, rechargeable hair trimmer and so on.

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