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Do you know how to solve the common problems of beard trimmers?

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A good beard trimmers have become the first choice for many men to shave with the same frequency because of its simple operation and time-saving and labor-saving. But like most electrical appliances, beard trimmers can fail. So when the electric beard trimmer breaks down, do you know how to solve these common faults. The following will introduce some methods to solve the common problems of beard trimmer in detail.

84. high quality beard trimmers

Maintenance of the common faults of electric beard trimmers

There is a pulling feeling when shaving

(1) Check whether the professional beard trimmer blade is rusted, blunt or damaged. If so, replace it with a new beard trimmer blade.

(2) Check whether there is too much dirt in the rechargeable beard trimmer, which hinders the normal operation of the moving blade or the normal rotation of the motor. As long as the dirt is removed, the fault can be eliminated.

(3) Check whether the spring plate on the beard trimmer frame moves. If it does, just fix the spring plate again.

(4) Check whether the spring plate on the beard trimmer frame has poor elasticity due to long use. If the spring plate has poor elasticity, replace it with a new spring plate.

(5) After long-term use, the gap between the moving blade and the mesh cover hole knife will become larger, resulting in this fault phenomenon. Generally, it is used in rotary tool holder. There is an adjusting screw in the center of the, which can be adjusted as long as it is rotated slightly.

84. professional-beard-trimmers

The moving blade does not rotate or has no reciprocating motion

(1) The battery is low. The voltage can be measured with the DC voltage gear of the multimeter; 1.5V ~ 2.5V small beads can also be used for parallel replacement, and the voltage can be judged by observing its brightness. If the voltage is low, replace the dry battery. If a rechargeable battery is used, charge it in time.

(2) For the collar knife with AC power supply, the plug and socket are in poor contact or the power line is disconnected. It shall be reinserted. If the plug in beard trimmers fails, it shall be repaired in time.

(3) The contact of the power switch are oxidized and worn, and the contact is poor. The contact can be cleaned with anhydrous alcohol. A layer of solder can be used instead.

(4) Poor contact between battery clip and battery. As the battery clamp spring is corroded by battery leakage, resulting in poor contact, it can be polished with sandpaper to remove dirt. If it is caused by insufficient spring elasticity, a metal sheet can be padded at the bottom of the battery to make it in good contact.

(5) Foreign matters are sandwiched in the net cover. Disconnect the power switch immediately to remove the foreign matters.

(6) The carbon brush of the motor is seriously worn or fallen off. The carbon brush should be replaced, polished or reinstalled.

In general, this article introduces some solutions to the common problems of the beard trimmer. If your beard trimmer has these common faults, please don't miss this article. In addition, Dingling is a professional manufacturer which provide high quality beard trimmers, hair cutting trimmers, professional hair clippers, hair shaver kit, beard grooming kit and so on. Welcome to consult Dingling for any questions.

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