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Do you know how to select the hair clippers?

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With the popularity of hair cutting tools, more and more people choose to buy hair clippers and cut their hair at home. There are more and more kinds of hair clippers, so how to choose a suitable hair clipper is very important for people. The following will introduce you to some methods of selecting hair cutting machine. cutting machine

Household hair clippers to meet the needs of many people

First of all, if you choose a household barber for your family, the fine-tuning function of the hair clipper head and the limit comb with complete accessories are very important. It can meet the barber needs of different age groups. With the help of limit comb, even novices can easily shave with ideal modeling effect. In addition, some parents will choose to shave their baby's hair at home, so the material and low-noise design of the knife head can not be ignored. For the baby's soft hair, they can choose some barbers with ceramic knife heads to make the barber process smoother and avoid the problem of stuck hair. Of course, you have to choose the knife head with round tentacles to take care of your baby's tender skin and avoid injury. Many parents shave their children when they are asleep. The loud sound during the operation of the machine may disturb their children's dreams. The hairdresser with micro vibration and soft sound can effectively reduce the baby's fear during shaving, so that the family can enjoy a comfortable family shaving experience. In addition, because it is used at home, the frequency of use will not be too high compared with barber shops. You can also pay attention to the cost performance of similar products when purchasing.

Professional hair clippers, long-lasting endurance is the key

If you choose a barber for a barber shop or some public places, because it is used frequently every day, the first thing to consider is the battery life and the durability of the knife head. You can choose some products with a large battery Ma, which can be used continuously for several hours after full charge, so as to avoid the trouble of multiple charging. If the material is used, it is recommended to choose titanium ceramic cutter head, which is sharp and does not get stuck. Ceramic cutter head is not easy to heat, and it can also be used safely for multiple times. In addition, cleaning has always been a big problem that puzzles many people. Barber shops often come one by one. The traditional barber needs to disassemble the knife head and clean it with a brush alone, which can not completely remove the wool residue, wasting a lot of time and poor cleaning effect.

86. professional hair clippers

Multifunctional hair clippers, create your own personality trend

Of course, in addition to the traditional hair clippers set with single function, shaving products with many other functions are gradually derived on the market, which can make a variety of shapes such as carving and so on.

In general, the above introduces the selection of different electric hair clippers according to different needs and usage scenarios. When choosing a hair clipper, consider these factors to give full play to the characteristics of the product itself.  If you want to buy a electric hair cutting machine, you can consider consulting Dingling, which is a professional manufacturer of waterproof hair clippers, hair cutting trimmer, hair shaver kit, beard grooming kit and is an ideal choice.

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