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Do you know how to prevent skin cuts while shaving?

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Beards are a symbol for men, and beards need to be carefully groomed and cared for. Cuts sometimes occur during the shaving process, and this article will introduce some tips to help you avoid getting scratched during the shaving process and enjoy the pleasure and benefits of shaving.

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The Ways to avoid getting scratched by shaving

Prepare your skin correctly

Before you are ready to shave, the most important step is to prepare your skin. You can clean your skin pores with some warm water and a cleanser. Also, if you use warm water to wash your beard, your beard will be softer and easier to shave. At the same time, using a shaving brush and a high-quality shaving foam can also make your beard softer, reducing the friction the razor causes on the skin and preventing scratches.

Changing razors or razor blades regularly

For a razor that has been used for a long time, you may find some rust on the shaver, or the shaver has been trimmed and shaving cream on the size. You need to replace these blades or remove these dirt regularly, if repeated use of these no longer effective razors can cause irritation and damage to your skin.

Try an electric shaver

With the popularity of electric shavers, more and more people use electric beard shavers instead of manual shavers. Electric shavers have many advantages. For example, electric shaver machines are more practical to carry and shave quickly.

Use one shaving method as much as possible

Your hair growth cycle is different when you use an electric shaver for beard and a razor. So, you need to choose a shaving method that keeps your beard growth cycle constant, which keeps your skin healthy.

The movement when shaving needs to be standard

Shaving skill is also an important way to prevent scratches when you shave. You need to shave in the direction of beard growth, as this reduces skin irritation. And because the skin is very fragile, you don't need to shave too hard or it will cause burning and other irritations to the skin, so it should be as light as possible when shaving.

The precautions about shaving

1. Do not shave before doing some strenuous activities, because sweat will irritate the newly shaved skin and cause infection.

2. Do not use the razor with other people, it may contaminate the blade and may also transmit skin diseases.

3. Do not shave the same place from different directions, this may result in unsightly beard trimming.

4. Do not use blades that are too old or even rusted. When the blades are not sharp enough, they should be replaced in time.

5. When shaving with a razor, do not do it on dry beards. Those scraped knife marks and bloody pustules will take at least three or four days to heal if the beard is not kept moist.

In conclusion, this article describes several ways to avoid getting scratched while shaving and what to do while shaving. If you want to know more about shaving and want to buy a high-quality electric shaver, Dingling is a good choice. Dingling is a electric shaver supplier with more than 40 years of experience, providing various electric hair clippers and electric beard trimmers, you can find the suitable shaver for you here.

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